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iRobot Launches Pet, Pro Series Roombas

If iRobot’s existing robots that vacuum, mop, scoop out your gutters and clean your pool bottom aren’t already enough to keep your pad squeaky clean, perhaps one of the latest two specialty robots the company scooted out on Wednesday will do the trick. The Roomba Pet Series will cater especially to picking up debris from your fluffy little critter, while the Professional Series has been hopped up to deal with bigger, tougher environments.

The Pet Series will actually come in two variants: the Roomba 532 and Roomba 562. Both units sport an extra set of brushes to pull up pet hair and dander, as well as large-capacity bins. While they’re closely equipped, the higher-end 562 model will clean one extra room, and supports scheduling to begin cleaning at a pre-specified time.

The Roomba 610 Professional Series has been designed for use in workshops and businesses with large floors to be cleaned, necessitating a high capacity sweeper bin, extra brushes and filters, and cleaning tools. It also has a new “maximum cleaning mode” that will work the Roomba until its battery is almost exhausted, then return it home to charge. Sounds a lot like working retail.

Only the Roomba 532 is currently in stock on iRobot’s Web site, but all three models should be available shortly. The 532 sells for $349, the higher end 562 for $399, and the Pro series 610 will go for a much heftier $599.