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Measuring the Price of Convenience

Measuring the Price of Convenience

Even the priciest cell phone and plan is unlikely to cost you nearly $2 million over the course of a lifetime, but that’s what many young British cell phone users say the convenience is worth to them. A survey of 16,500 people in the United Kingdom found that one third of folks between 16 and 24 years old said they wouldn’t give up for their cell phones forever if offered one million pounds.

The Carphone Warehouse and London School of Economics conducted the survey, called Mobile Life, to study the importance of cell phones in modern society, which turned up some interesting results [PDF]. Besides the hefty price tag many cell phone users would attach to the service, they also found that 92 percent of mobile owners can’t get through a day without their phones, and 9 percent of 18 to 24 year olds consider themselves addicted to their phones, meaning they don’t feel in control of their usage.

Now that the results are out there, we just need someone with exceptionally deep pockets to put the claims to the test with a briefcase full of bills. It’s easy enough to check off on a survey – but let’s see these people hold up to a rich oil magnate fanning a wad of $100’s in their faces. Reality show material, anyone?

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