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Monster goes high-fashion at CES with new VekTr, Inspiration, and Diamond Tears headphones

Monster held a high-profile press conference at CES this Monday morning to unveil its plans and products for the new year, including some bold new headphones that boast sleek design and a high-fashion mentality. Head Monster Noel Lee discussed the company’s foray into more stylish and fashion-forward designs, noting that customization and a unique design were both priorities in the new headphones, as well as combining that element of high-style with quality sound. 

The first of the fashion-centric cans is a collaboration between Monster and JYP Entertainment that resulted in the gem-like Diamond Tears headphones ($280). A model in a black dress walked down the middle of the room runway-style to show off the sparkling design of the headphones. They have cuts and bezels like a diamond would and both white and silver accents. The result is definitely eye-catching; you wouldn’t wear these unless you wanted to get noticed. The flashy on-ear headphones will be available in the first quarter of 2012, and a Diamond Tears in-ear model will be released later in the year. 

Secondly, the audio brand debuted yet another collaboration, this time with urban fashion brand Diesel. The Monster Diesel VekTr Headphones ($250) feature a slick black design that looks more like a sculpted piece of onyx than a pair of headphones. With the tag line “If your eyes could hear, this is what music would look like,” the two companies aim to bring a high-fashion look (this one appropriate for either sex) and quality sound together in one package. The faceted on-ear headphones show off a special diesel logo, offer plush ear cups, and what the company describes as “dramatically enhanced audio performance.” This model and an in-ear version with a similar design will be available worldwide this quarter. 

Last, but perhaps most important, was the company’s own (read: no collaboration here) new Inspiration ($280) over-ear noise canceling headphones, which offer a sleek design and options for customization. The design of the Inspiration headphones is less out-there and edgy, but still has a fashion-forward, modern look. Lee described the headphones as perfect for both the business traveler crowd and the edgy, hip crowd that wants high-quality audio with serious style points.

In addition to the already stylish look, consumers will be able to add personality with extra headbands ($30 each) in different colors or with added touches like studs or embroidered designs. To illustrate the possible customization, models walked the runway in Inspiration headphones customized with feathers and hat-like adornments.