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Oco Camera announces upcoming January launch at CES

If there’s a lesson to be learned from CES 2015, it’s that the smart home is coming, whether you’re ready for it or not. The market is filling up with connected products, and home surveillance cameras are one of the hottest categories around. Oco announced its own smart home monitoring camera at CES, due to launch January 14, 2015, and it has its eyes (or lens) on Dropcam.

The Oco camera stands in for your eyes when you can’t be home. Set up the camera – or cameras – around the house and drop in on the stream any time you want to check in. If you aren’t watching and the Oco picks up on motion or sound, it sends a notification to let you know and lets you get a visual on what triggered it. The stream plays in 720p, with a 120-degree, wide-angle lens to capture a large field of view. There’s even an infrared sensor for night vision should a disturbance come during nightfall.

When someone you know is home and you want to communicate with them, you can use a push to talk feature to speak directly from your smartphone or tablet through the Oco camera. The two-way talk system makes communication simple, like a high tech walkie talkie.

The Oco also has an option to save the footage captured to the cloud, archiving 30 days worth of footage for playback. The premium feature starts at $4 a month. The camera itself will retail for $150, making it competitive with most of the smart cameras on the market – and there are a lot of them that do the same things, making the sector a crowded space.