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Outlier Supermarine Rain Shirt looks like a button-down, protects like a jacket

If you’ve ever been surprised by a rainstorm in the middle of a walk around the city, you know first-hand just how much it sucks to be wet and cold without a jacket. If you also have a few hundred extra dollars in your pocket, high-end rugged clothing brand Outlier has you covered with their Supermarine Rain Shirt. Despite being 100% cotton, this shirt (designed like a classic button-down) can keep you dry for hours of wet weather. The shirt is made from the longest Egyptian cotton fibers available and uses a complex weave of both tight and loose fibers to create a breathable fabric that is highly water-and-wind resistant.

The Supermarine Rain Shirt ($300) comes in navy and creamy white and was inspired by the company’s Cotton Pivot Sleeve Shirt. We wouldn’t recommend this shirt for just any other guy, but it may be just the solution for the sartorial modern man who prefers not to carry a jacket. Pair it with the Supermarine Cap and you’ve got a truly stylish rain ensemble.