Max One will wake you when your smoke alarm doesn't

The Max One is a new kind of safety alarm that wants to be sure you're awake when the alternative could be deadly. It can detect the high-frequency sound emitted by many smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that heavy sleepers…

Forget Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, the Beef Box lets you perfectly dry-age steak 1:18

Launched this week via Kickstarter, the Beef Box dry-ager lets at-home cooks save some serious dough by allowing them to create their own high-quality cuts of meat from the comfort of their own kitchen.

Turn your garbage disposal into a composter with this gadget

Engineering students from Rice University's Oshman Engineering Design Kitchen developed an attachment that turns your average garbage disposal into a composter. Meet the BioBlend.

People who need help with new tech can get it from Best Buy in-home consultants

Thinking about upgrading your home technology? Best Buy is testing in-home consults to help you get what you want. If you're OK with buying from Best Buy and need help choosing, this service can rescue you.
Product Review

Electrolux Perfect Steam Washer Review

No app, no notifications, no Bluetooth. Electrolux SmartBoost just cleans better.

Death Star toaster emblazons ‘Star Wars’ logo on your breakfast

If you're anywhere from slightly to thoroughly Star Wars obsessed, the Star Wars Death Star Toaster is a must-have. Start every day with the Star Wars logo on your toast.

Turn your stove into a smart stove with Toch Smarturns

If you're looking to turn your average stove into a smart stove, there are no replacements necessary -- just additions. With Toch Smarturns, you'll be able to bring your cooktop into the 21st century, all without any heavy…

Edo blocks are the giant cardboard Legos you’ve always wanted

Launching via Kickstarter this week, Edo blocks are essentially giant cardboard Legos that offer users the ability to construct anything from living room forts and race cars to giraffes and elephants.

Pillo is a ‘home health robot’ that seems too good to be true

Pillo is probably the coolest pill dispenser you've ever seen. A campaign has been started for the 'home health robot,' however it seems a little too good to be true. If it does deliver, Pillo could totally change how you handle your…
Cool Tech

Amazon makes it way easier to add skills to Alexa

It's never been easy to add third-party integrations to Amazon's Alexa assistant, but thankfully, that's finally changing. A revamped app store lets you filter by category, and even add apps with a voice command.

Need to add a sock to the washer? Samsung’s AddWash lets you throw clothes in mid-cycle

New Samsung front-load washers feature AddWash, a door-in-a-door feature to add forgotten items without interrupting the wash cycle and without getting water all over the room. You can add anything up to the size of a towel…

Invidyo’s AI camera shows you the best (and worst) parts of your child’s day

While you may not be there for every moment of your child's life, you can at least capture some of them with Invidyo, which looks to offer parents the opportunity to keep an eye on their tots while they're out and about.