Bud Light’s smart fridge follows your teams and tallies your brews, bro

Bud Light decided to make a smart fridge specifically so you can keep tabs on your beer. The Bud-E Fridge uses a mechanism to tell when someone takes out or puts in beer, so you always know how much you have ... and whether someone's…
Cool Tech

The Biopod is like having a mini rainforest on your countertop

Created by a biologist, the Biopod is a microhabitat for reptiles, flowers, and plants. It's controlled by an app but also uses sensors to automatically create "rain," change the temperature, and alter the lighting in the box.

Memento 4K Smart Frame makes digital photos look like high-quality prints

The Memento calls itself a 4K smart frame, with the capability of displaying high-resolution photos that resemble printed art, the company says. It is currently running a Kickstarter campaign.

‘Siri, let’s chill’: New Hue 2.0 hub from Philips lets Siri dim the lights, set the mood

A reworked base station from the Philips Hue line aims to be the backbone of your connected home, adding HomeKit compatibility to the company’s long-running line of smart lighting products. The new Philips Hue Bridge 2.0, announced…

7 ways your computer can become a part of Halloween

Ready to celebrate Halloween the digital way? Here are the best ways to use your computer to make Halloween better by revolutionizing your spooky celebrations.

Truffle mayo and raspberry sugar: Hatchery is a subscription box of unusual condiments

Eating local is great, but that also means you're missing out on what other regions have to offer. Hatchery wants to deliver sauces and condiments you might find in farmers markets all over the country to your door.

This hungry dog was such a menace, his owners spent $37,000 to puppy-proof their home

Rollo the chocolate lab will stop at nothing to get food, so his owners spent nearly $38,000 to remodel their kitchen and dog-proof their home. He's no longer eating through Tupperware to get at cupcakes.