Create a smart home on the cheap during Samsung's SmartThings sale

Turn your house into a modern-day smart home during Samsung's SmartThings sale. The sale heavily discounts a wide range of Samsung smart sensors, hubs, and home monitoring kits. You can save up to $75 during the sale, which is ends on…

Machine learning for all: Works with Nest gets new abilities

Nest's "Works with Nest" program now takes advantage of parent company Alphabet's research in machine learning, making cameras less likely to send out false alarms and making other devices smarter.

San Francisco’s most expensive home just sold for a staggering $21.8 million

Located near Pacific Heights in San Francisco, a gorgeous $21.8 million mansion just sold making it the most expensive home sold in the city this year. It recently underwent a two-year remodel, adding a spa and outdoor roof deck.

The Swon smart shower tracker will save you money and help the environment

Currently raising funds on Kickstarter, Swon is a smart Wi-Fi-connected device which attaches to your existing shower head and tells your phone how much water and energy you’re using.

The Plum wine dispenser preserves opened bottles for up to 90 days

The Plum wine dispenser, a temperature-controlled, internet-connected wine dispenser from entrepreneur David Koretz, preserves your wine by the bottle and pours a customizeable number of glasses.

Want to go solar? SolarCity to pay $1,000 to any Airbnb host who makes the switch

To help more people turn to solar energy, SolarCity says it will pay $1,000 to any Airbnb host who opts to install its solar panels on their home. The new incentive program will run until the end of 2017.

Reali really wants to replace realtors in the home-buying process

Tired of relying on a real estate agent every step of the way to buying your dream home? The Reali app can handle all of the bidding and approvals and will even open the door for your self-guided tour.

Reuse the Bluecup to make your perfect Nespresso blend

Nespresso machines are expensive, and the price of the individual pods can add up as well. The Bluecup refillable pod helps mitigate this problem and their effect on the environment.

Lose the remote: Open your garage door via phone, voice assistant, or IFTTT recipe

Skylink just launched the ATOMs Garage Door Opener, the first on the market that's compatible with If This Then That (IFTTT) recipes. Now you can connect your garage door with Amazon Echo, Nest, Phillips Hue, and other devices.

Turn buildings solar without compromising on style with ‘invisible’ panels

By ditching conventional solar panel design in favor of common construction material, the Italian company Dyaqua offers solar solutions in wood, stone, or cement. The company recently launched the product on Indiegogo.

Got questions about Wednesday's final presidential debate? Just ask Alexa

If you have any pressing questions about what on Earth is going on at the presidential debate Wednesday night, we invite you to direct your questions to Amazon's virtual assistant Alexa.

From campsite to boardroom — calling all versatile luggage fans

With an outer garment roll bag and an inner cylindrical bag, complete with backpack or messenger straps, the Henty CoPilot exemplifies luggage versatility. Inner and outer bag options let you custom configure the CoPilot to meet…