Apple may open a retail store on Samsung's turf in South Korea

South Korea doesn't have an Apple store, but the iPhone maker is trying to change that. While Samsung already is dealing with the recall of its Galaxy Note 7, it now has to worry about a possible physical retail presence from its rival.

Siri may open your smart lock-enabled doors to anyone who asks nicely

A Missouri man found out the hard way that his Apple HomeKit-enabled smart home could unlock his smart locks for strangers who simply ask Siri to do so. Luckily, it was only his neighbor who exploited this potential flaw.

One-man brand: The Balldur lamp is also a wireless charger, stereo, and alarm clock

The Balldur is branded as a "multi-function handmade wooden sound lamp." Promising high quality sound and wireless charging capabilities, this lamp may look a bit retro, but there's nothing antiquated about it.

With the Securifi Almond 3, its associated Alexa skills, even your router can be smart

On Thursday, Securifi announced the release of its Almond 3 Smart Home Wi-Fi system. Integrated with Echo's Alexa, the Almond 3 allows multiple units to come together to create a broad Wi-Fi network

The SproutsIO soil-free smart garden is looking to turn everyone's thumb green

Launching on Kickstarter this past week, SproutsIO is the soil-free smart garden that lets anyone grow fresh fruit and vegetables year-round by simply plugging in the device and watering once a month.
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This alarm clock is so smart it can actually teach you how to sleep better

Kello is the smart alarm clock that can push you live a healthier life with more regular sleep patterns. It boasts Spotify integration, an accompanying app, IFTTT connectivity, and more.
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Samsung Family Hub refrigerator Review

Don't call it a gimmick: Samsung's Family Hub is the future of fridges.

Think beer can’t get any better? Fizzics’ Waytap device will make you think again

The technological revolution has brought some big changes, but this might be the most exciting yet for anyone fond of a good brew. Meet the Waytap, a new portable draft beer system that promises to “enhance the flavor of any canned or…

Turn your doorknob into a security system with an alarm that you hang on it

If you find the sound of someone jiggling your doorknob one of the scariest sounds around, you may be able to scare off some intruders yourself simply by hanging the new Door Handle Alarm from Sabre on your doorknob.
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Nifty worm-based indoor composter was designed by algorithm

A new composter called the Biovessel wants to do away with regular indoor compost bins in favor of one run by “ecosystem engineers,” aka your garden-variety earthworms. Oh, and it's designed by algorithm.

Growing list of devices compatible with Apple’s HomeKit

We've been talking about HomeKit since WWDC 2014. Though they've been slow to trickle out, the list of HomeKit-compatible devices continues to grow and will only continue to do so once Apple releases the forthcoming Home app. To help you…

Post-9/11 shatterproof glass likely saved many from injuries in Chelsea blast

Shatterproof window glass installed in many New York City buildings following 9/11 potentially saved many from injuries from the Chelsea bombing last weekend. Multiple layers of glass bonded to plastic are designed to hold broken panes in…