Juicero's CEO has fired back, noting that the juicer still has its benefits

When it comes to getting the juice out of a Juicero pack, it seems that your bare hands can do the job just as quickly as the $400 high-tech machine designed specifically to do the job.

Dyson's new Pure Hot + Cold Link Air Purifier removes harmful gases

Dyson may be known best for its ability to suck up all the dirt on your floor, but it's also pretty good at blowing air around your home, too. Especially now that it's come out with the Pure Hot + Cold Link Air Purifier.

Amazon’s Echo now does Google better than Google itself does

Amazon seems to be stepping farther into Google's territory, and has released an update that finally allows the Echo to be able to schedule events to your G Suite Calendar, something Google Home can't even do.

Vaux portable speaker with dock mobilizes Amazon's Echo Dot

The battery-operated Vaux combination speaker and dock for the Echo Dot untethers the Alexa device from AC power. Your Dot can play music for up to six hours when docked in the Vaux.

Renting just got a whole lot easier with Bedly shared housing

Co-founded by Martin Greenberg and Benjamin Chester, Bedly trims off the annoying parts of finding a rental. By furnishing apartments, screening roommates, and establishing utilities, renters enjoy a much simpler exchange.

Hajime is a ‘white worm’ that infects and secures vulnerable IoT devices

There's another piece of code that's targeting IoT devices, and it's growing. The strange thing, however, is that as far as anyone can tell, the so-called "Hajime" code isn't doing anything bad, and might be doing some good.

Grow your crops indoors with the Grobo automated garden — now shipping

Meet Grobo, a home growing system that promises to "take the guesswork out of successfully growing small crops of high-quality food." And yes, if you want to, you can grow weed in it.

Need to escape? Then retreat into your Pause Pod

When life gets too stressful or you just need a break, the Pause Pod can help you slow down, kick back, and relax. It's your private pop-up space, and one you can set up just about anywhere.

Kill germs and the darkness with the updated IllumiBowl toilet light

By using light waves that are 470 nanometers, the IllumiBowl Anti-Germ targets the most common germs while remaining completely safe for humans. It's a medical-grade technology typically found in hospitals.
Cool Tech

MiRo is the robot dog that promises to be a geek's best friend

Dogs may be a man’s best friend, but MiRo -- a programmable robotic canine -- could well prove to be a geek’s best buddy. Here's how it works, and why it could end up keeping you company in your old age.

Great Deal! These are our 3 favorite Amazon tech bargains today

Thursday's Amazon Gold Box deals feature a pack of unique smart outlets with a powerful 100-foot range, a set of extra long 10-foot lightning cables, and a highly-rated Roku smart TV.

Well wants to be the go-to appliance for smart home water conservation

Well is a smart home water conservation system. Using a network of connected water sensors, users can quickly view their water consumption patterns and understand where improvements can be made.