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Bonavita's 5-cup BV1500TS can't quite brew up to its big brother

Bonavita’s 5-Cup Coffee Maker works fast and seems simple enough to use, but it takes time and effort to figure out how to make the perfect cup.

  • Pros: Good looks , Works fast , Carafe keeps the coffee hot…
  • Cons: Carafe needs the lid to pour properly , Expensive…

Miss your pet while you’re away? PetBot lets your furry friend send you pet selfies

You and your pet can be together (sort of), even when you're apart. PetBot, which launched an Indiegogo campaign on Aug. 31, has a petcam that provides a live stream and even snaps pet selfies for owners while they're away.


As tech’s biggest names descend on Berlin for IFA 2015, here’s what we’ll see

IFA, the biggest tech show in Europe is about to kickoff in Berlin, Germany. Here's everything we expect to see at the show from Samsung, Sony, LG, Asus, Microsoft, Intel, and more. TVs, phones, wearables, and the smartphone will power the show.


15 tech products that will make becoming new parents a little easier

Expecting but don't know what to expect from your baby registry? From baby monitors and steamers to sterilizers, we’ve compiled a list of the best baby products every new parent should buy.


Wish you had a modern-day palace? Check out this huge Florida mansion

A massive mansion currently under construction in Florida would make most of us more reconsider living with our parents if they were the owners. Philanthropist Kiran Patel is building it as a residence for his family, which includes three adult children.


The Ninja Coffee Bar is a drip machine that also does lattes

SharkNinja's Ninja Coffee Bar aims to be a drip coffee maker and espresso machine in one. It changes up the level of concentration to make regular and iced coffee, as well as lattes.

Cool Tech

Apple HomeKit devices are popping up! So wait, what’s HomeKit again?

Apple HomeKit integrates smart lights, thermostats and other connected household objects, and compatible devices are finally available. Get all the details about HomeKit in this speedy video.


Like AirBnB for solar power, Yeloha lets you use other people’s rooftops for energy

Yeloha has a novel idea for expanding solar power in cities -- sharing. We already share apartments, cars, and bikes, so why not solar panels, too.

Cool Tech

Survey shows many people opting for tech-free, ‘sanctuary-like’ bedrooms

Tech isn't a high priority for most people when it comes to renovating and redecorating master and other bedrooms, according to a recent survey from remodeling site Houzz.


Beam wants to give you a smart toothbrush, then use the data for your dental insurance

Beam makes smart toothbrushes, but now it also offers dental insurance. It wants to use the data collected from the devices to encourage users to make better dental health decisions.


Philips Hue wants to dim your lights for $40 and zero installation

Renters probably don't want to mess with the wires in their apartments' switches, which is why Philips Hue offers a wireless dimmer switch. It pairs it with an LED bulb for $40.


LG wants you to cook like the pros with its new line of ovens

By moving the heating element from the bottom to the wall, LG says its new ProBake Convection line of ovens are more like commercial ranges and will deliver similar results. The ProBake ranges, both gas and electric, will be available in September.


Samsung smart fridge could make your Google login vulnerable

Earlier this month at Def Con, IoT Village issued a challenge to hack Samsung's smart fridge. Security consultants Pen Test Partners found a way that it makes Gmail login credentials vulnerable.