6 cool home gadgets from the International Home + Housewares Show

Is it too early to make a Christmas list? The International Home + Housewares Show is a great venue for finding awesome gadgets that you'll definitely want to remember in December.

Gadgets to make your Pi-Day pie baking a piece of cake

Want to bake a pie for Pi Day but have no experience? No problem! These gadgets will make the whole process, from rolling the dough to slicing it evenly, as easy as 1, 2, 3.14.

Attack the plaque with a smart toothbrush that knows where you haven’t brushed

A new ultrasonic toothbrush called LifeBrush is Bluetooth connected and shows you exactly where you need to brush. It also attempts to make brushing more fun and less of a chore with games.
Cool Tech

You’ll want this Android-powered smart mirror in your bathroom

Who says smart homes have to be really complicated and expensive? Nick Notham has made his own smart mirror using a selection of easily available parts, and some clever tech know-how, and it's very cool indeed.

No more sleepless nights? Interactive baby music device is music to the ears

The joy of parenting a newborn is often challenged by sleep deprivation. Endless nights of crying can be overwhelming. But new, WiFi-enabled Quiet Night, may just help turn this parenting experience nightmare in to a dream.

Can having smart-home devices make your home sell faster?

IA survey released today by Coldwell Banker Real Estate says 64 percent of real estate agents surveyed are hearing more home buyers show interest in smart homes with connected security and lighting.
Product Review

Ubi Voice Assistant Review

The Ubi voice assistant is like a drunk Siri that lives in a shower drain.

Does Nest want to make speakers? It’s hiring a Head of Audio

On the news of Googling filing a bunch of smart-home patents, Nest begins looking for a Head of Audio. Is the company making speakers or trying to make everything voice-controlled?