Cool Tech

Vibro Portable Vibration Speaker turns everyday items into pulse pounding speakers

Turn everyday items into a sound pumping speaker with the Vibro Portable Vibration Speaker.

All for one and one for all: Jointli allows multiple people to own luxury items collectively

Ever dream of owning a private jet, beach side property, or keys to a Ferrari, but couldn't afford the price on your own? Now you can share the cost of items like these and many more with like minded individuals in your area thanks to…

Fieldcandy tents add design, personality to the camping outdoors

Thought all tents looked the same? This innovative brand is injecting some much needed personality (and print!) into your basic camping tent.

eSleeper makes use of old eMac as a high-tech cat bed

DIY designer Samuel Cox combines an eMac shell, Arduino, and Twitter for a high-tech bed for his feline friend.

OneReceipt aims to give users access to all their online receipts

New online service OneReceipt syncs with email accounts to give users a helpful visual timeline of online purchases.

Freehands Gloves help you stay connected despite dropping temperatures

Keep your hands warm and your fingers free to text, browse, and call with these smart tech-friendly gloves.