Hands-on: Withings Blood Pressure Monitor helps keep a watchful eye on your health

We tested out Withings Blood Pressure Monitor, which can help health-conscious iOS users measure and keep track of important numbers and trends in blood pressure. It succeeds in being an easy-to-use tool with compelling visuals and graphs…

OfficePOD brings a minimalist office to your backyard

OfficePod has designed a work-from-home solution that brings a true work environment to your backyard, away from the distractions of your living room.

Incase announces Audio Collection coming this fall

Accessory-maker Incase is moving into the personal audio world with a new collection of headphones to be released this fall.

Gym in a suitcase: Hands on with the portable Journey Gym

We took a first look at the Journey Gym, a cleverly designed, total-body workout in a suitcase. Take it on the plane when you travel, or keep it under your desk at work for quick and effective workouts.
Cool Tech

This $100,000 razor is made of meteorites, has just two blades

In the hopes that there are some multimillionaires that badly need a shave, Zafirro has launched a new razor that costs more than $100,000 and is made of rare metals.

Turntable.fm first look: Just buzz or a musical game changer?

Turntable.fm mashes up social media with Internet radio by allowing friends to congregate in virtual dance halls and take turns playing DJ. We take a hands-on look at the beta version to see what the hype is all about.

Red Pop gives your iPhone an easy-to-use camera button

If you've ever wished that your iPhone 4 had a big, easy shutter release button like a real camera, you're in luck. The Red Pop attachment gives your iPhone the button you've always wanted and a good solid grip.

Nielsen: Online groceries to be $25 bln business by 2014

Online grocery shopping had a rough start in the 1990s...but Nielsen forecasts it'll be a $25 billion business by 2014.

Win a Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7 in honor of Father’s Day

Comment on this post to enter to win a new Samsung Focus running Windows Phone 7. Just a hint, it would be a great gift for dad.

Citigroup says more than 360,000 accounts compromised

Citigroup's latest on this month's data breach increases the number of accounts compromised to over 360,000 accounts, but still only about 200,000 customers.
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Behold, the $40,000 Hoverbike

The future is now: An Australian inventor has built a "Hoverbike" that could fly more than 10,000 feet off the ground.

The best cars for your summer road trip

The best cars for a summer road trip combine fuel efficiency, spacious interiors and entertainment features to make the most out of your miles.