Stainless Steel Smoker Box adds flavor to your grilling

Up the ante on your summer grilling by adding this smoker box to your arsenal.

Buy a shirt, help Japan

Help with relief efforts in Japan by buying one of these limited-edition graphic tees.

Finis SwiMP3 plays music underwater, clips onto swim goggles

The waterproof SwiMP3 player from Finis lets users listen to music while they swim through bone conduction.

Ventura Sparc MGS Watch uses your energy to power digital screen

This sleek watch uses kinetic energy from its wearer to power itself and its digital LCD screen.

Smartfish Engage Keyboard adjusts to prevent strain and injury

This keyboard from Smartfish tracks your typing patterns and adjusts itself to avoid stress and fatigue.

Expedition Tripod is handcrafted of cured ash wood

The wooden Expedition Tripod will keep your camera steady on rough terrain. Also, it looks nice.

Mood Mugs tell the office how you really feel

These clever morning coffee mugs will let people know exactly which side of the bed you woke up on.

Arcade Fire releases trailer for Spike Jonze short film ‘Scenes from the Suburbs’

Watch the trailer for 'Scenes from the Suburbs,' an Arcade Fire film directed by Spike Jonze.

Etsy’s new social features expose buyer names, histories

If you bought something on Etsy, the whole world might know about it now, thanks to a new social feature that exposes users' names and purchase histories.

Killspencer black leather iPad 2 case has plenty of pockets

This high-end bag from Killspencer protects your iPad 2 and offers storage for other business essentials.

6-Pack Frame Cinch holds your beer while you ride

This handmade leather cinch perfectly holds a 6-pack of beer on your bike's top tube.

Tembo Trunks turn iPod earbuds into speakers

These waterproof, indestructible 'speakers' amplify your iPhone or iPod up to 80db with no moving parts or batteries.