Cool Tech

Amtrak proposes a 94-minute train ride from New York to DC

An ambitious plan from Amtrak could create high speed rail lines that can transport passengers between New York and D.C. in under two hours.

Weber Smokey Mountain barbeque smoker review

Few pieces of gear can make you a better cook, but Weber’s Smokey Mountain is one of them.

Kissenger: A kissing machine for those who find Ostrich eggs strangely alluring

This is Kissenger, a virtual kissing machine designed to help couples in a long distance relationship, and it's not weird at all.

Wider 42 yacht contains an expandable deck for those who hate confined spaces

Why limit yourself with the typical yacht sun deck when you can double the space with a push of a button?

Columbia J-School offers military safety course for journalists entering war zones

The latest graduate level course at Columbia University aims to prepare war journalists how to be safe when reporting in dangerous settings.

Hands-on with Casetagram iPad cover

When Casetagram announced it was accepting designs for the iPad version of its Instagram iOS case, we jumped at the opportunity for a hands-on review.

IKEA now brews its own beers, but do they complement Swedish meatballs?

IKEA has introduced a new food product: regular and dark lager beer. Totally unexpected, or bestsellers in the making?

FDA approves first pill for preventing HIV

The first medication to reduce the risk of HIV has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, with an effectiveness rate as high as 75 percent when used in combination with safe sex practices.

Audi City: The high-tech cyberstore that could be the future of buying cars

The world's first Audi City showroom has opened in London, and instead of displaying actual cars, Audi's entire range is viewed virtually.

Pantone Carry Case luggage bags make for a colorful trip

Plane, trains, and automobiles will sure love the accompaniment of these vivid Pantone Universe luggage bags on your next travel.

Credit card transactions are about to become more expensive

Customers can expect to pay a price for not carrying cash with new surcharge policies for merchants accepting Visa and MasterCard.

Red, white, and boo: Is Team USA wearing Made in China uniforms offensive to you?

American citizens around the nation are outraged after it was revealed that Ralph Lauren's Team USA uniforms were manufactured in China.