Study: Los Angeles has the highest rent premium for in-unit washers and dryers

Trulia recently conducted a study to determine which cities have the highest in-unit washer and dryer rent premiums. Los Angeles, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Boston topped the list.

Treat yo’ pet: Petzi is a camera that dispenses treats when you’re not home

Always worried about your pet when you're home? Always worried your pet is hungry when you're not home? The Petzi Treat Camera will dispense treats to your cat or dog whenever you connect.
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2015 Father’s Day gift guide

Not sure what to get your old man this year? Check out this guide. We've rounded up the most dad-friendly tech toys on the market to help you out
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Google-owned Nest unveils the second-generation Nest Protect and the new Nest Cam

Google-owned Nest unveiled the second-generation Protect thermostat and new Nest Cam at a conference today in San Francisco. Both have significantly enhanced home monitoring capabilities and tie into the company's Nest Aware subscription…

Swann introduces two new DIY home security systems for different budgets

Swann Security has just released two new Wi-Fi enabled security cameras that can be viewed on smartphones and tablets via app, one for $180, the other for $130.

Should Airbnb be allowed to continue operations in New York and San Francisco?

The only thing more polarizing than Airbnb's new logo (seriously, what is that thing?) is the company's practice when it comes to the effects on the already sky-high prices of real estate in cities like New York and San Francisco.

World’s thinnest light bulb is made from graphene

Researchers from Columbia Engineering report that they have demonstrated an on-chip visible light source using anatomically thin graphene, making it the thinnest light bulb.

Wink partners with Pro.com to simplify the smart-home installation process

Wink, the creator of smart-home devices, has partnered with Pro.com. Now, Wink product owners can tap into Pro.com's database of professionals to schedule installations of Wink products.

LEDs are gaining in popularity, a new survey finds

According to a new survey, 65 percent of Americans have purchased LED lights for their homes, and 86 percent want smart lighting technology in at least one room. With the price of LEDs dropping, this trend is likely to continue.