Movies & TV

Check out this painstaking replica of Ferris Bueller’s bedroom

A pair of artists from Toronto have recreated Ferris Bueller's bedroom from the iconic '80s film, complete with the expensive Carver electronics gear that occupied the quirky teenager's pad.
Cool Tech

Amazon’s first Super Bowl ad campaign puts Echo on display 0:30

Amazon's voice controlled digital assistant saw an official release last summer. With its new Super Bowl ad campaign the company is trying to show the difference between Echo and your average smartphone assistant.

Major Mom brings drill-sergeant efficiency to the organization of your home

Some people just like clearing away clutter, and Angela Cody-Rouge based her business, Major Mom, around that. Prices range from $288 for a very small job to $2,888 for a big overhaul.
Health & Fitness

This contact-free thermometer turns temperatures into a timeline

Contact free or infrared thermometers not only let you keep germs at bay, but also open up a host of connected options. The Flo from Zeraph is a contact-free thermometer that lets anyone keep track of temperatures over time on its iOS app…

New York City drivers will now be able to pay for parking meters via phone

One of the last remaining vestiges of pre-mobile payment times is finally joining the 21st century -- the much dreaded parking meter, a ubiquitous sight along New York City streets, is finally letting you pay via your smartphone.

Kick off the Super Bowl 50 festivities with these super apps

The Panthers and the Broncos won't take the field in Santa Clara for Super Bowl 50 without their equipment, so don't be unprepared for the Big Game on Sunday without these apps on your phone.