Cool Tech

ProBowl takes the guesswork out of feeding time for your dog 2:42

The Obe ProBowl is a smart dog food dish that can track the amount of food and water consumed. It makes recommendations based on the dog's details, which are entered into the accompanying app. It can also alert owners of any…
Product Review

Samsung RF23J9011SR 4-door fridge Review

What's behind door number four? Samsung's sedan of a fridge is also a transformer.

Xbox One + Philips Hue LEDs = Technicolor madness (and one awesome apartment) 2:57

We created an immersive experience by adding Philips Hue lights into our living room and pairing them up with the Xbox One. It's truly a recipe for gaming greatness.

The Spot security camera does all the usual tricks but is half the price 2:38

The iSmartAlarm Spot aims to be a security camera you can put all over your home. It has lots of features but will eventually retail for $99, about half the price of many competitors.

Nest’s third-generation device goes on sale in the UK with boiler control

The third-generation Nest learning thermostat is on sale in the U.K., and it comes with some unique features, like hot water control. A Heat Link hooks up to the boiler, letting users schedule hot water.