Enveloping a house with a greenhouse helps this Swedish family cut down on heating costs

Instead of adding more insulation to make a summer home suitable for winter living, a Swedish couple erected a greenhouse around the home. The sun's heat helps raise the temperature, though they still need more traditional heating…

Happy birthday, Oprah! 13 gifts worthy of the ‘queen of all media’

Oprah Winfrey celebrates her 62nd birthday on January 29. If you want to know what to buy her, the media mogul and tastemaker has a few tech options from the "favorites" list for you to consider.

Dome Alert monitors your home for fires, floods, and freezing for $9 a month 2:37

Dome Alert is a system with a hub, fire/carbon monoxide sensor, and a flood/freeze sensor. It has an app but also uses a professional monitoring company to alert the fire department in case of an emergency, so there's a $9 monthly…
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Now you can stay in and 'Netflix and Chill' with this Airbnb listing

Binge watchers rejoice, the "Netflix and Chill Room" on Airbnb is an NYC apartment catered toward Netflix addicts. The Manhattan pad contains a bed with Netflix bedspread, HD projector, and Apple TV with Netflix account.

Hide it well, because Samsung’s Smartcam HD Plus carries all the evidence inside 3:18

Since it doesn't push your videos to the cloud, Samsung's Smartcam HD Plus doesn't carry a monthly fee, but unlike the Nest Cam, it's not tamperproof, either.

NYC’s Department of Consumer Affairs is investigating baby monitors’ hackability

The idea of someone spying on you is scary enough, but the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs is worried about the security of Internet-connected baby monitors. Eight of nine monitors analyzed got an F grade for security.

Smart Bedding makes making your bed a snap

Smart Bedding, which is made up a top sheet that snaps to a duvet cover for easy bed-making, had a successful Kickstarter, but then hit a few snags. Now the product is available for order.
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This jacket made of stainless steel yarn will harvest the sun’s energy to keep you warm

We're powering just about everything with the sun these days, so why not throw clothes into the mix? ThermalTech is a new material trend at the intersection of fashion, technology, and eco-friendliness that harvests the energy of the sun.

The Mulciber modernizes traditional wood-burning stoves to burn wood better

The Mulciber is a modernized wood stove that burns wood more efficiently and reuses its heat resources to reduce the carbon footprint from heating and cooking on traditionally-constructed wood-burning stoves.

Snowed in after Winter Storm Jonas? Plowz is like Uber for driveway snow removal 1:43

Did your driveway get nailed by the snowpocalypse otherwise known as Winter Storm Jonas? Not to worry; Plowz has your back. It's like Uber for snow plows and will dispatch a professional snow remover to your house in less than 24…