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Powered by the sun, GeckoEye security cam can be placed anywhere in your home or car

The GeckoEye is a new home security concept that uses solar-powered cameras. Designed to be portable, it can be placed anywhere in your home, car, hotel, office, etc. The company behind it is seeking funding via Indiegogo.


Protect your smart home from hackers with iGuardian

A freshly-launched project on Kickstarter aims to bring business-level network security into your home, and thereby protect all your smart home gizmos from cyberattacks


A clever design lets you dim these puzzle-like LED bulbs with an ordinary switch

With the help of an onboard microprocessor, the ultra-efficient Nanoleaf Bloom bulb can be dimmed using a normal on/off switch, so there's no need to install a dimmer


Philips Hue tap review

Don’t like controlling your lights with an app? Philips’ Hue Tap is the first physical switch to control its growing line of network-connected LED lighting products, and…

  • Pros: Brainlessly easy setup , Near-instant operation , No…
  • Cons: Slightly overpriced

Gaze at the guts of a diesmboweled Roomba in this super-detailed teardown

Former iRobot project leader Scott Miller tears down a Roomba -- a bot that he himself helped to develop-- and offers insights along the way


Just like your cat, Samsung’s upcoming robovac chases laser pointers

In addition to a wide range of autonomous cleaning modes, Samsung's new VR9000H robotic vacuum can be guided around your floor with a special laser pointer


You can now order a pizza from your phone by pressing a single button

Push for Pizza is every pie lover's dream. With the push of just one button, you can order a full cheese or pepperoni pizza. The app was created by a bunch a teenage boys.


Drink up! Hug tracks your hydration, tells you when to hit the (water) bottle

The Hug water bottle sensor and app combo aims to keep you hydrated by keeping tabs on how much you've drunk. The app will also let you know when you need to take another sip.


Samsung DV56H9000EP review

Boasting a massive 9.5 cubic feet tumbler and more features than some smartphones, Samsung's DV56H9000E(G) is sure to attract the attention of anyone looking to do tons of laundry…

  • Pros: Largest non-commercial load size , Many cycle options…
  • Cons: Normal cycle can be harsh , Slow controls

Samsung WA56H9000AP review

Huge loads of laundry demand a washer like the titanic Samsung WA56H9000A. Boasting 5.6 cubic feet of interior volume, this giant is among the biggest non-commercial top loaders…

  • Pros: Sleek design , Very large wash size , Lots of cycle options…
  • Cons: Laggy control response , Long wash cycle , 10-year…

Detect natural gas leaks before they become dangerous with Kepler

In addition to monitoring the air for toxic gasses like carbon monoxide, Kepler can also detect the presence of potentially explosive natural gases in your house and send alerts to your smartphone


Ringo is the smart buzzer your landlord doesn’t even have to install

Ringo gives you control over your ordinary apartment's buzzer system by adding access codes, and allows the system to forward calls to your mobile phone


Emerson Sensi Thermostat review

Emerson joins the growing ranks of Nest competitors with the Sensi, a no-nonsense remote-controlled thermostat that offers basic functionality and remote control at a very…

  • Pros: No-nonsense design , Does not require separate power line…
  • Cons: Installation app needs to understand more systems , No fancy…

Barisieur: An alarm clock that wakes you with freshly-brewed coffee

Barisieur is a brilliant hybrid of an alarm clock and a coffee brewer, so now you can finally get your daily dose of liquid crack without ever leaving your sheets.


Pfister’s newest faucet turns on with a wave of your hand

Touch-activated faucets are one thing, but Pfister is taking the sink game to a whole new level with an upcoming line of completely touch-free faucets