Amazon's Alexa finally gets support for Outlook.com calendars

Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa, has lots of neat skills. So many, in fact, it seems like a new one appears every day. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Echo, Dot, or Tap.

Alexa, call mom: Amazon and Google want to add voice calls to digital assistants

Amazon Echo and Google Home may soon add a home phone feature, which would allow the devices to do even more. However, there remain a load of hurdles to jump over before voice call capability comes to their smart home speakers.

Boogeymen beware: SwitchLight turns ordinary light switches into night lights

Currently taking Kickstarter by storm, the innovative SwitchLight boasts the ability to turn an ordinary light switch into a functioning nightlight. Not only does it preserve outlet space but it won't mess with a room's feng shui.
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3D printing your household items could save you some serious cash, study finds

Looking for an investment promising you a 100 percent return? According to a new study, buying a 3D printer and printing your own household items is just about the safest bet you can make.

The Airy Box uses plants to purify your air, no electricity required

Plants clean the air we breathe. But, what if we could increase a plant's air cleaning power, turning a regular plant into an air purifier? The Airy purifier claims it found a way to do just that.

The workplace of the future tracks your every move, whether you like it or not

Access control is nothing new in the office, where keys slowly migrated over to smart keycards. However, some startups now aim to give employers a vivid picture of their office environment by tracking their employees every move.

Now on sale for $300, the Intel NUC Core i5 is a mini PC with plenty of power

For a limited time, you can score an Intel NUC Core i5 for $86 off of the normal Amazon price, bringing it down to $300. This mini desktop PC features the 6th-generation Intel Core i5-6260U CPU.

Sit down and relax in our favorite office chairs

Sitting all day can be tough on more than just your back. Check out our picks for the best office chairs, whether you're in the market for something basic or a bit more luxurious.

The Orb smart light reflects your many moods, now on Indiegogo

The Orb is described as a next-generation smart light that gives its users complete control over intensity, color, and temperature to shape the ambiance within their homes. It just launched on Indiegogo.

Dyson embraces smart-tech innovation at its new research center in Singapore

In an effort to keep its innovation at a 21st-century level, Dyson recently opened an AI-focused research and development center in Singapore geared toward advancing its work in machine learning and software development.

How Sengled made a smart lightbulb with zero carbon footprint

In a time when energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important, Sengled found a clever way to make its Element LED lightbulb carbon neutral, thanks to its initiative where it plants a tree for every bulb sold.

Look at your TV to turn it on? Amazon could be making it happen

A patent filed by Amazon reveals potential plans for new technology that lets you control things in your home, like lights, with your eyes. The tech could make it so you can simply stare at an object with your eyes and get info or…