Cool Tech

5 gadgets that are either genius or insane

Are these devices clever, vital new tech, or slightly crazy and possibly pointless? Step inside for a closer look and decide which side of the genius/insane line they fall.

Still leave the sink on when brushing your teeth? This devices tracks your water use

If you want to go beyond just turning off the sink when you brush your teeth to save water, the Fluid smart water meter might be able to help. It tracks all the water usage in your home, so hopefully you can correct wasteful actions.

Take a virtual tour of your home with these apps and sites that give you a 3D view

Whether you're moving or just really love fantasizing about your dream home, there are lots of apps and sites that want to help you envision what your new house will look like ... in 3D.

Cujo is a smart-home device that promises to defend against hacks and attacks

If you have a lot of smart-home devices in your home, you may be concerned about security. Cujo is a device that hooks up to your monitor and promises to defend all your devices from hacks and attacks.

Scientists develop brainwave-scanning smart home system that’s controlled with thoughts

Eda Akman Aydin at Gazi University in Turkey is combining current smart home products with EEG technology to create a thought-controlled home
Home Theater

Will Apple TV become Apple’s home automation hub?

Your Apple TV may soon be more than an entertainment hub. A new report recently highlighted a section in a Siri remote trademark filing that seems to hint at company plans to make the device a home automation hub.