The Spot security camera does all the usual tricks but is half the price 2:38

The iSmartAlarm Spot aims to be a security camera you can put all over your home. It has lots of features but will eventually retail for $99, about half the price of many competitors.

Nest’s third-generation device goes on sale in the UK with boiler control

The third-generation Nest learning thermostat is on sale in the U.K., and it comes with some unique features, like hot water control. A Heat Link hooks up to the boiler, letting users schedule hot water.
Product Review

Samsung WA8700 top-loading washer Review

Futuristic, or old school? This Samsung washer with a hand-washing sink is both.

Iris by Lowe’s introduces a second generation of its hub for $60

Lowe's launched the second generation of its smart-home solution, Iris by Lowe's. The lower-priced hub ($60) is more powerful and includes Bluetooth capability. The redesigned app is meant to be more intuitive, too.

This couple is building a poop-powered home

While trips to the bathroom can often be the source of great relief, for one couple in Spain they'll soon be hugely satisfying, too. Why? Because they've developed a small-scale system able to turn poop into energy that should eliminate…
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If you hate selfie sticks, you’re really going to despise the Selfie Mirror 2:42

Selfie Mirror is a smart device that allows users to capture and upload photos and videos. Built in lighting and custom frames enhance media. The mirror can also connect to other smart devices through the house, and stream music.

Can a 4K screen and moving art revive digital picture frames? The Klio hopes so 0:23

Klio, a project of Art.com's experimental Labs division, is a frame for new forms of digital artwork. Moreover, it's a platform for

As more EVs plug in, can our power grid step up? We ask the experts

As electric vehicles become part of the automotive mainstream, how will power companies handle the additional load?