NYC’s Department of Consumer Affairs is investigating baby monitors’ hackability

The idea of someone spying on you is scary enough, but the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs is worried about the security of Internet-connected baby monitors. Eight of nine monitors analyzed got an F grade for security.

Smart Bedding makes making your bed a snap

Smart Bedding, which is made up a top sheet that snaps to a duvet cover for easy bed-making, had a successful Kickstarter, but then hit a few snags. Now the product is available for order.
Cool Tech

This jacket made of stainless steel yarn will harvest the sun’s energy to keep you warm

We're powering just about everything with the sun these days, so why not throw clothes into the mix? ThermalTech is a new material trend at the intersection of fashion, technology, and eco-friendliness that harvests the energy of the sun.

The Mulciber modernizes traditional wood-burning stoves to burn wood better

The Mulciber is a modernized wood stove that burns wood more efficiently and reuses its heat resources to reduce the carbon footprint from heating and cooking on traditionally-constructed wood-burning stoves.

Snowed in after Winter Storm Jonas? Plowz is like Uber for driveway snow removal 1:43

Did your driveway get nailed by the snowpocalypse otherwise known as Winter Storm Jonas? Not to worry; Plowz has your back. It's like Uber for snow plows and will dispatch a professional snow remover to your house in less than 24…

Smart appliances need to solve problems, not create them

The latest crop of “smart home” devices may look sleek, but the real inconveniences most of us wrestle with every day still aren’t being solved by an industry that likes to ask what’s possible instead of what’s useful.

This levitating bonsai tree will add zen to your home, though may tempt the cat

If you thought bonsai trees just stood around looking quaint and mystical the whole time, think again. A startup in Japan has just added some gadgetry to create the "Air Bonsai," a unique creation that causes the miniature tree to…

The wearable chair is now a thing 1:31

For all those times you've wished you could just take a seat, it is my duty to inform you that the Archelis (literally, "walkable chair" in Japanese), has now been introduced, and can be purchased within a couple years.