Cat acting stranger than normal? This app lets you talk to a vet 24/7

Lots of pets hate going to the vet, so what if the vet came to you -- virtually? That's the idea behind Vet on Demand, an app that connects you with a vet anytime, from your home.

Pilot customers are getting their Tesla Powerwall batteries

Tesla has started shipping its Powerwall batteries to pilot customers; the company has also announced the batteries will be available in Australia by the end of 2015.

Blue Apron doesn’t want you getting tipsy off its wine delivery

If you don't know your Merlot from your Bordeaux, Blue Apron promises to help you pair with its $66 wine delivery service. You get six bottles a month, though they're only 500 milliliters each.

Kickstarter integrity team suspends VacuumClicka campaign

VacuumClicka is a device that supposedly turns any plastic bag into a vacuum-sealed food preserver. Kickstarter suspended the campaign for violating its rules, though it's not yet clear how it did so.

Leaf decided it was high time someone designed a home grow box for weed

If you want to take the guesswork out of your weed growing, the Leaf is a smart grow box that does almost everything for you. It's specifically designed for cannabis and works with disposable nutrient pods.

Meld backers fired up after the smart stove knob maker cancels Kickstarter

Meld is a cool device, a retrofittable knob that smartens up your existing stove, but its Kickstarter was canceled after the company was acquired. Backers are not happy, to say the least.
Health & Fitness

This smart stethoscope and thermometer make your bedroom a doctor’s office

CliniCloud's smart stethoscope and thermometer allow you to take basic health readings at home and share them with a doctor via an app, getting you qualified, real-time medical advice without leaving your home.

No more Egg Minders? Quirky files for bankruptcy

It's been a difficult year for Quirky. The company filed for bankruptcy and announced plans to sell off Wink, the maker of the home automation hub. In July, the company only had $12 million in the bank.
Cool Tech

5 gadgets that are either genius or insane

Are these devices clever, vital new tech, or slightly crazy and possibly pointless? Step inside for a closer look and decide which side of the genius/insane line they fall.