Can a 4K screen and moving art revive digital picture frames? The Klio hopes so 0:23

Klio, a project of Art.com's experimental Labs division, is a frame for new forms of digital artwork. Moreover, it's a platform for

As more EVs plug in, can our power grid step up? We ask the experts

As electric vehicles become part of the automotive mainstream, how will power companies handle the additional load?

Behind the $500 million Bel Air mansion: swimming pools, casino, nightclub, and more

Niami insists the property will be worth every penny. He adds that the $5,000 price per square foot is comparatively less than half of what billionaires are willing to pay for penthouses in Manhattan.

Rent a smart home? Some multi-family buildings are going automated

Instead of making renters shell out bucks for smart home gear, Stratis wants to help automate multi-family dwellings. They partnered with Schlage for door locks renters can open with their phones.

Need to buzz someone in? The Monkey is a smart keyless entry for apartment buildings

Apartment intercoms are supposed to be a barrier to entry, but sometimes they make tenants' lives more difficult, too. The Monkey is a chip that will turn any intercom smart. Sync it up with your phone, and you’ll get a notification when…
Cool Tech

In 2016, a better Bluetooth steps up to the IoT challenge

Among the features we can expect to see is a stream of data twice as fast with a range that is four times what today's Bluetooth provides. The range for this enhanced connectivity will be called Bluetooth Smart.

Lunching on larvae: This desktop farm lets you grow and harvest edible mealworms 3:59

Would you like a meal made out of mealworms? The dream is within your grasp, thanks to a new Kickstarter from Livin Farms. It's made a desktop hive, where you can harvest, then cook, your own mealworms.

Want KFC? Now you can get it delivered

Thanks to what can only be described as the most important food-related partnership ever, DoorDash has teamed up with Colonel Sander's Kentucky Fried Chicken to bring your perfect golden-brown bird straight from the fryer to your foyer.

Be Like Nye, geek icon, releases signature bow ties

If you are a fan of interesting patterns in your bow tie selections, you will enjoy this lineup. You can choose from stripes, polka dots, silhouettes of Bill Nye, a pattern that says “Science Rules,” and elements from the periodic…