Xbox One + Philips Hue LEDs = Technicolor madness (and one awesome apartment) 2:57

We created an immersive experience by adding Philips Hue lights into our living room and pairing them up with the Xbox One. It's truly a recipe for gaming greatness.

The Spot security camera does all the usual tricks but is half the price 2:38

The iSmartAlarm Spot aims to be a security camera you can put all over your home. It has lots of features but will eventually retail for $99, about half the price of many competitors.

Nest’s third-generation device goes on sale in the UK with boiler control

The third-generation Nest learning thermostat is on sale in the U.K., and it comes with some unique features, like hot water control. A Heat Link hooks up to the boiler, letting users schedule hot water.
Product Review

Samsung WA8700 top-loading washer Review

Futuristic, or old school? This Samsung washer with a hand-washing sink is both.

Iris by Lowe’s introduces a second generation of its hub for $60

Lowe's launched the second generation of its smart-home solution, Iris by Lowe's. The lower-priced hub ($60) is more powerful and includes Bluetooth capability. The redesigned app is meant to be more intuitive, too.

This couple is building a poop-powered home

While trips to the bathroom can often be the source of great relief, for one couple in Spain they'll soon be hugely satisfying, too. Why? Because they've developed a small-scale system able to turn poop into energy that should eliminate…