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9 gadgets to transform your dorm from a cinder-block cell to a tech wonderland

Turn your dorm room from a cinder-block cell to a technological Garden of Eden with these college-friendly gadgets. Or, you know, just make it a little easier to make your bed in the morning.


Cooling down the house: A new smart glass could block both heat and light

University of Texas at Austin professor Delia Milliron and her team are working on a material that can block 90 percent of near-infrared rays and 80 percent of the sun’s visible light, which should help keep homes cooler.


Ingenious ‘Knife Edge’ screwdriver bit can easily remove stripped Phillips screws

The Knife Edge bit's unique geometry causes it to dig into the screw head and lock in place when lots of torque is applied, so instead of slipping out and demolishing your screw head, it actually gets tighter.

Cool Tech

What does the American dream home look like? Depends on your age

What does your dream home look like? It depends on whether you're a Millennial, Gen-Xer, or Baby Boomer, according to a recent study from Trulia. All three groups do have some wants in common, though.


What’s the frequency? Making a map of IoT devices using drones

Information security company Praetorian created a drone with a tool that tracks IoT devices’ communications to collect their data. They flew it over Austin and figured out how many devices there were using ZigBee.


Wish you could bring your AC into bed? The BedJet both heats and cools your sheets

Whether you sleep hot or cold, the BedJet claims it can make your bed the perfect temperature by blowing hot or cool air. This is the second version of the device. It's available for Kickstarter now for $199.


Here’s how to clean out your hard drive in Windows 10

Is your Windows 10 hard drive feeling a little crowded lately? You can clean your hard disk by getting rid of files and moving data to other devices. Here are easiest ways to free up PC space quickly.


Knock, knock. Who's there? The Ring video doorbell shows you on your phone

Along with the door itself, the doorbell is one of the first items with which a most visitors will interact when entering your home. The $200 Ring complicates that interaction…

  • Pros: Enormous security potential , Intuitive app , Easy…
  • Cons: Latency in time-to-answer , Plastic-y case components

GE’s new industrial cloud will power planes, trains, and hospitals

GE is getting into the cloud game with Predix. Unlike Amazon Web Services, this is aimed at industrial customers. It fits in with GE's manufacturing business, which makes equipment like jet engines, locomotives, and health equipment.


This retro alarm clock looks old-school but it’s actually digital and feature-packed

Electrohome's Retro Clock Radio packs all the conveniences of a modern, digital clock in a throwback package. It sports a radio, motion sensor, LED lights, and backup features.


This couple remodeled their kitchen to look like The Simpsons’

Do you love The Simpsons? Sure you do, but maybe not as much as this couple, who just recreated the TV family's kitchen, right down to those corn-cob curtains. It's perfectly cromulent.


Where there’s smoke, there might not be fire, so this device detects heat instead

In order to detect potentially devastating fires in houses with open-flame cooking or kerosene lamps for heat and lighting, the Lumkani senses when the temperature rises instead of smoke.