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Quit sweeping dust under the rug, start sweeping it into this counter vacuum

With this clever little contraption under your cabinets or appliances, you'll never have to toil with dustpans to clean your kitchen ever again


Room for two? Braven’s new Mira speaker wants to hop in the shower with you

Braven introduces another addition to its portable speaker progeny. The latest toy offers water resistance, and a cool hook/arm that can let it hang, or prop it up for convenient portable listening, from the shower to the kitchen.


Edyn brings the Internet of Things to your garden

If you don't have a green thumb, don't worry -- this Kickstarting smart garden sensor can keep tabs on your garden's vitals and do all the hard work for you


Iro smart sprinkler system hits shelves in Home Depot

Just in time for summer, Rachio has finally made its Iro smart sprinkler control system available in over 990 different retail locations across the country


Big Ass Fans debuts world’s first intelligent ceiling fan

The days of standing on your tippy-toes and yanking chains to adjust your fan are finally over -- this one from Big Ass Fans can sense the temp in the room and automatically change its settings for you


Update: Verizon completes rollout of FiOS Quantum TV, new media server

Verizon unveils its new media server, the VMS1100, which promises up to 2TB of storage and the ability to record a whopping 12 programs at once with the help of an extender box. And that appears to be the tip of the iceberg for the new device.

Home Theater

Apple aims to streamline home automation with HomeKit

Earlier today at the opening keynote of its Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple pulled the curtain back on its unified smart home control app, HomeKit.


This clever socket adapter turns any light into a smart light

Thanks to Emberlight, soon you won't have to spend big bucks to equip your home with smart, network-connected lights -- you can use the existing bulbs installed in your fixtures, and make them smart with a low-cost adapter.


Photojojo Engineering Prints make halftone art out of photos for your walls

Photojojo has launched a new service that creates halftone art out of your photos. These engineering prints, similar to architectural blueprints, add a creative flair for your walls.


CleverPet is a smart device that rewards dogs for solving puzzles when they’re home alone

The CleverPet is a smart device that keeps your dog company when they’re alone by engaging them throughout the day with button-based puzzles. In other words, it’s Simon for your dog.

Cool Tech

Shortly after buying Nest, Google reportedly nixed the competition from search results

Just two weeks after the news broke of Google's acquisition of Nest, competitor company Vivint suddenly disappeared from search results -- and didn't get reinstated for four months. Hit the jump for details


Kwikset Kevo review

Despite the fact that its best features are currently unavailable to Android users, Kevo's easy setup, thoughtful design, and convenient operation make it hard not to love.

  • Pros: Easy installation and setup, Convenient features…
  • Cons: Doesn’t work with Android, Windows, Blackberry phones…

Homey, preheat the oven! This orb lets you control your house with your voice

If this radio-packed home automation orb meets its funding goal on Kickstarter, you'll soon be able to control everything in your house via spoken natural-language commands