Cree introduces a new $8 LED light bulb that lasts 27 years

Cree introduced its new LED light bulb, which costs $8 (though they're currently on sale at The Home Depot for $6) and lasts 27 years. Cree claims the bulbs also show colors better.

Feeling tipsy? These bar glasses won’t spill if you knock into them

The problem with wine glasses is that they're easy to spill. Just ask my cat. Mighty Mug is Kickstarting a line of barware, including pint glasses, that won't tip over when you knock into them.

Three brothers create a lawn mower you can control via Google

Taking home the grand prize at the StartFest Gigabit Hackathon were three brothers, who made a remotely controlled lawn mower. Typing commands into a chat room gives the lawn mower its directions and smartphone cameras show you where it's…

Get your hands on this smart door lock, and it will open with your fingerprint

Westinghouse Nucli is a smart lock and doorbell in one, plus you can open it with your fingerprint. It's launching on Indiegogo and will cost you $299, if you get in on the early-bird special.

A toy car that lights up when it passes by an LED? Disney wants to make it happen

Disney researchers are harnessing the power of visible light communication in some prototypes for new toys. LEDs would communicate with each other to send data, resulting in some cool toys.

Oh, broth-er: Your Keurig now works with Campbell’s soup cups

If your Keurig is taking up a little too much counter space, just wait: Now it doubles as a lunch-maker! The company paired with Campbell's to bring you soup K-Cups. Mmm, mmm good?
Cool Tech

Fonesalesman features its FurniQi furniture to facilitate wireless charging

If you like the idea of wireless charging built into your furniture then you need to check out Fonesalesman's new FurniQi range. The first release is a side table with Qi wireless charging capability.