Smart appliances need to solve problems, not create them

The latest crop of “smart home” devices may look sleek, but the real inconveniences most of us wrestle with every day still aren’t being solved by an industry that likes to ask what’s possible instead of what’s useful.

This levitating bonsai tree will add zen to your home, though may tempt the cat

If you thought bonsai trees just stood around looking quaint and mystical the whole time, think again. A startup in Japan has just added some gadgetry to create the "Air Bonsai," a unique creation that causes the miniature tree to…

The wearable chair is now a thing 1:31

For all those times you've wished you could just take a seat, it is my duty to inform you that the Archelis (literally, "walkable chair" in Japanese), has now been introduced, and can be purchased within a couple years.
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Weekend Workshop: Got an old cardboard box? Make your own VR goggles for under $10

Thanks to Google, you can now get your hands on a fully functional cardboard VR headset for around 20 bucks -- sometimes even less. That's pretty damn cheap by most people's standards, but what you might not realize is that you can build a…

Next time you're in Amsterdam, visit the world's first gamer's hotel, Arcade Hotel

For gamers, the Arcade Hotel has just opened its doors in the form of a gamer hotel in Amsterdam that invites you to spend your entire day with a console in hand, staring at a screen.

MIT researchers want to use a transparency equation to make cheaper smart windows 1:21

MIT researchers found a way to predict a material's transparency based on its thickness and amount of stretch. They want to use that equation and a common polymer to make smart windows cheaper.

Leaving home? These smart light bulbs repel robberies by mimicking your patterns

Your house doesn't have to look empty just because it is. ComfyLight has launched a Kickstarter campaign for its smart LED light bulbs, which mimic your patterns to make it appear that you're home when you're not.