Clear some counter space for these 5 great kitchen gadgets for under $50

You don't need to spend your entire paycheck to outfit your kitchen with some of the latest-and-greatest tech. Here are some of the best devices to be had for under $50, whether you're a rice junkie or a wine lover.

Stanford researchers use a compound in fertilizer to create inexpensive battery

Stanford engineers found urea, a compound typically found in fertilizer, proves a cheap and competent base for a renewable energy battery. Furthermore, the team thinks the battery would last upward of 10 years.

Harvard creates a renewable battery that can last for 10 years

Harvard researchers hope one day you'll have a flow battery in your basement that's non-toxic, non-corrosive, and can last for 10 years. The researchers say it could change the world.

Google might be working on a security system that knows when you’re not home

Patents filed by Google reveal possible plans for a security system that is completely automatic. It can arm and disarm itself using input from sensors scattered all around your house.

Oregon home generates more energy than it uses, completely recycles its used water

Located in the high desert of Bend, Oregon, the Desert Rain House recycles every drop of used water and produces more energy than it uses. It was just recognized as the first Living Building Challenge-certified home in the world.

Score a refurbished Netgear C3000 cable modem router for just $45

If you need a good 2-in-1 modem and router, then you’re in luck. You can now get a certified refurbished Netgear C3000 cable modem router for just $45 on Amazon, which brings it down to roughly half the price of a new unit.

Looking for a change this year? Try one out on your hair with Madison Reed

Madison Reed, a "prestige hair color brand," is on the up and up, fresh off a new $13 million funding round, its first physical location -- the Madison Reed Color Bar in Manhattan -- and the hiring of a new chief marketing officer.

Ikea’s Better Shelter goes from flat pack kit to functioning relief shelter

To help the more than 65 million displaced refugees, furniture giant Ikea designed a shelter which takes just four hours to construct. The building comes by way of Ikea's non-profit wing, the Better Shelter organization.

With Kitty Vent, cat owners will almost forget there's a litter box in the house

The newly announced Kitty Vent uses airflow to literally drive unpleasant litter box odor away. Just because we love our cats doesn't mean we have to live with their litter box smell any longer.

Juice is more of a luxury item than ever thanks to the new juicers from Hurom

At $10 a bottle, it seems fair to call juice a luxury item. Now, one company is bringing that luxury to the next level. The newest juicers from Hurom are crafted with Giugiaro Design, which is known for designing high-end cars.

Lego is totally awesome, but Tenka Labs wants to make it smarter

A new California toy company is augmenting Lego toys and other projects with robotic cubes that use power, motor and lights to teach kids about science and engineering.

Got a Pixel? You can now use it to control your smart home appliances

With Google Assistant on multiple platforms, you would think the artificially intelligent bot would have the same features on each. Sadly that's not the case, but Assistant on the Pixel is gaining some features from the Home version.