This robot makes sure no drop is wasted when you water your lawn 1:05

Watering the grass with a hose takes both effort and water. Unless, of course, you have Growver. Growver is a connected robot that basically roams your yard, watering your lawn. Plus, it saves water by only watering where needed.

Move It wants to replace trips to the gym with a sensor-filled workout

Do you have trouble getting yourself over to your local gym? Now you may not need to. Move It is a connected device that brings the gym to you. The device features four workout tools and brings all your workout data to your smartphone.

Shield your devices with our favorite surge protectors

Surge protectors can guard your appliances, save energy, solve electronic organization challenges, and more. Here's the best, and most affordable, surge protectors for any job.

Can’t be bothered to keep your water pitcher full? GE’s new fridge does it for you

The GE Autofill Pitcher is a magnet-based system that fills up with water (and doesn't overflow) whenever you slot it back in the fridge. It provides the same filtered water you normally get from a ice and water dispenser.
Cool Tech

The MTA is joining the 21st century with contactless payment

According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, us New Yorkers are finally moving towards a mobile, contactless ticketing system, eliminating those nostalgic but oh-so-fickle paper cards.

Flower power: This smart air purifier uses plants instead of filters

Clarity is a new, smart air purifier dressed as a flower pot. This pot connects to your smartphone and gives you real-time updates on toxin levels in your home, as well as tips on how to improve the air quality.

Tens of thousands of Verizon employees have gone on strike

Up to 40,000 Verizon workers have gone on strike over a dispute regarding pay, contracts, and benefits. The action currently has no end date, but isn't expected to affect Verizon's services.

Keys are so 2015, but Kwikset’s keyless smart lock could be the wave of the future

Who needs keys anyway? Kwikset's latest smart lock completely does away with the metal key, relying instead on a touchpad and a Z-Wave connection which will allow you to unlock the door with your phone.

Got cats, pollen, dust mites? Sprimo scrubs your air and tells you what’s in it 2:19

How’s your air quality? The Sprimo smart air purifier has sensors to tell you what you’re breathing in, and it can also recommend a personalized filter to help remove what’s floating around your home.

Need a couch to crash on? Overnight mixes Airbnb with Uber on-demand

Overnight combines the best of Airbnb and Uber: connecting spontaneous travelers with local hosts instantly. The service, which has seen success in Los Angeles and Austin, is rolling out to California's Coachella Valley.