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PangeaBed says its copper-infused mattresses will help you sleep cooler

Why it matters to you

Your bed just might be the most important piece of furniture in your life, and PangeaBed wants to infuse it with copper for a more comfortable, healthful night of rest.

There are so many companies that want to ship a mattress to your home, it can be hard to keep track. Many offer a single-firmness mattress that’s more affordable than something you’d find at a chain store, but it’s becoming harder and harder to tell these mattress-in-a-box retailers apart.

Meet PangeaBed, the company that’s attempting to differentiate itself with its copper-infused mattresses. The company says it brings “truly healthy, restorative sleep to health enthusiasts nationwide,” though there’s little evidence to support health claims about copper. The company says its copper mattress provides cooling and hypoallergenic properties, as well.

Copper-infused Talalay latex is four times more breathable than other materials typically found in mattresses, like memory foam, polyurethane, or Dunlop process latex, according to PangeaBed. “Talalay latex offers incredible sanitary benefits,” Martin Regueiro, co-founder of PangeaBed, told Digital Trends. When this material is combined with copper, which has heat-dispersing properties, “it takes [the bed] to another level that no one else is doing in this market,” says Regueiro.

Mattresses tend to be pretty disgusting, especially when we keep them decades. We produce up to 26 gallons of sweat in our beds a year, making our sleeping environments a veritable breeding ground for fungus, bacteria, and other allergens. Copper does have antimicrobial properties, but it’s not clear how effective it will be, since the mattress is covered by a non-copper cover.

All of PangeaBed’s mattresses come with a 10-year limited warranty and a 100-night sleep trial that allows you to make a free return if you’re not satisfied. Its $895 price for a queen-size is in line with several other competitors, such as Casper ($850), Leesa ($890), and Helix ($900). Actually, it’s nearly the same price as the $899 Layla, another copper-infused mattress.