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Piper can see the terror that flaps in the night with its NV capabilities

If you like the idea of having a security system in your home but not the idea of shelling out a bunch of money to have one installed, we’ve got some great news for you. iControl Networks today released a new-and-improved version of Piper: an all-in-one, DIY home security system that was already one of the best in the biz.

The original version was pretty stacked in terms of specs: 180-degree HD camera, ambient light sensors, motion detectors, humidity sensors, temperature sensors, and both Wi-Fi and Z-Wave radios for network connectivity. The new model, dubbed Piper NV, improves those specs with a faster processor, higher-resolution camera, and some newly added night vision capabilities. Now you can see intruders in the dark!

The extra features will put you back an extra $70 ($269 compared to the original Piper’s $199), but in return you’ll get a sharper, faster, more seamless experience. We’ve yet to test it out for ourselves, but the NV’s souped-up hardware presumably means clearer video and better live streaming.

It’s not quite available just yet, but iControl expects to roll out Piper NV both online and in brick-and-mortar stores starting next month. Be sure to check back for our full review in the coming weeks!