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Prototype bike design offers laptop storage compartment

peugeot prototype dl122

At Digital Trends, We. LikeBikes. A lot. They’re great for the environment, help us get a little exercise into our days, and are cheaper to maintain than a full-size automobile. The only issue with bikes is that it’s hard to carry around too many things with you because you either have to strap them onto the back seat of the bike if it has one, or lug things in a backpack which can slow you down. Not anymore.

A prototype bike from the French carmaker Peugeot has appeared in the wild and is designed with tech geeks in mind. Known as the Peugeot DL122, this bicycle contains a middle storage compartment to fit a laptop, messenger bag, briefcase or a thinner backpack so you can take the weight off your back. You can lock the compartment to ensure nothing slips out during the ride. The bike is also made with lightweight materials such as aluminum and wood to make up for the weight you add when you use it. That means if you own a Macbook Air, it will be as if you’re adding no weight at all.

The location of this compartment works for the Peugeot DL122 because it focuses the heaviest part of the bike to the middle, helping make the center of gravity stable and evenly distributing mass across the bike. Compared to the traditional way of strapping items to the back of the bike, this weight distribution can ease the force you need to maintain balance. It will also be nice to be able to see your belongings in case you accidentally left your backpack open and all your things may have flown out of it as you pedal away.

Our only concern is the impact on the laptop when we’re actually riding the bike. City roads aren’t always smooth, so hopefully the compartment is sturdy and cushioned enough to provide support for the stored laptop to minimize any shuffle it may experience along the ride.

Given the amount of space in the storage compartment, you can probably also fit a variety of different things that aren’t laptops or bags. What could you see yourself storing in there? Maybe grocery bags after a quick shopping trip, or books for a quick ride to and from the library?

While there are no words on when the Peugeot DL122 may go into mass production or how much it will cost, we anticipate the prototype to come into complete fruition in the near future because of how realistic the photos look. It’s also not an impossible concept, and is great urban design for the modern bikers in many of us. The company has had a long history of making bikes, dating as far back as the year 1830, so we hope to see this 21st century design in retail stores soon.