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Can having smart-home devices make your home sell faster?

Beyond granite countertops and walk-in closets, one day savvy home buyers could be attracted to technologically “smart” real estate buys, but that day may not have quite arrived yet.

As smart homes become more mainstream nationwide, products once typically reserved for higher-priced abodes are increasingly being outfitted in homes at various price points. As home shoppers’ expectations and tastes grow more tech-centric, 64 percent of agents in a Coldwell Banker Real Estate survey say buyers are asking more frequently about connected features than they were two to five years ago. However, only one in three of the 513 agents queried say homes with this kind of tech sell more quickly. The tipping point isn’t here quite yet, but that could change, as both millennials and baby boomers are expressing interest in smart homes.

Want to get ahead of the curve? Coldwell Banker Real Estate has a list of 25 products it recommends for those looking to make their homes smarter, including security, lighting systems, and temperature control — the categories real estate agents think home buyers are most interested in.

Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock, iSmartAlarm, and Nest’s Learning Thermostat all made the list, as did Whirlpool’s Smart Duet Washer and Dryer — though only 23 percent of sellers surveyed think buyers are interested in smart appliances. The list is based on the categories realtors think buyers care about, combined with some of Coldwell’s favorites from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

The main takeaway from this list is that you shouldn’t necessarily install smart devices with the expectation it will increase the value of your home or make it fly off the market more quickly. However, if you’ve already invested because you think the tech is cool and makes your life easier, it could one day pay off.