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Snap Skateboard folds into the most compact skateboard ever

Snap Skateboard

For the most part, the idea of traveling on a skateboard seems pretty portable on its own. But in the face of foldable bicycles such as the Brompton (which can go for upwards of a few thousand dollars,) Snap Skateboard has taken it upon themselves to make even the most portable method of transportation less bulky.

Perhaps Snap Skateboard is onto something. A typical skateboard measures anywhere between 42 to 46 inches, depending on the skater’s height, foot size and comfort level. Snap Skateboard will let users fold each end of the deck to the middle, creating a compact rectangle to be stowed away in a backpack, the side of a desk, a school locker, or just the fold of your arm. When compacted, the skateboard stands at a dimension of 14.3 x 7.87 x 5 inches. That’s about as wide as many models of laptops these days.

The Snap Skateboard is also made from high-grade aluminum and snaps in with the power of steel-supported pins and griptape, and the wheels, bearings, and trucks are removable so you can customize the skateboard to your favorite specs. While this feature is appealing to young skaters to professionals, developers have another market in mind. With this new way to make skateboarding more convenient than ever, they hope the skateboard will encourage adults to take up the hobby they once enjoyed as a kid as a solution to rising gas prices, parking fees, and automobile insurance.

“There are still a lot of negative stigmas around skateboarding, many university campuses have banned them and it is often seen as something that is just for kids and teens,” Snap Skateboard said in a statement. “Our Snap Skateboard allows you to enjoy your ride to work without being that guy in the office who is always carrying a skateboard around or ride it to school and then pack it away so you don’t get bothered about the regulations.”

Skateboarding may not take you to school or work as fast as a bicycle can, and it could be dangerous if you skate on the road as opposed to the sidewalk or bike lanes. But it is a bit more cost efficient, especially when you can carry your skateboard away with you instead of leaving it locked outside for people to steal the wheels. It also eliminates the problem of having to find open bike racks if you arrive at a popular spot too late. If you’re looking to switch to the Snap Skateboard method of transportation, be sure to wear protective gear for the road ahead.

The Snap Skateboard is currently available for $120 with free shipping in the continental United States. If you’re curious whether the ability to fold makes the skateboard less sturdy than traditional ones, check out the video below. It seems like kids can still easily perform tricks on the Snap with no problems at all.

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