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Stack Soap makes showering an infinite cycle

Stack Soap Infinite

If you’re the kind of person who prefers bars of soap over liquid body wash then you’ve probably encountered those awkward days toward the end of your soap’s life when the bar has reduced to an uncomfortable gripping size and you have to hold it at the tip of your fingers to even get some soap on you. This Stack Soap Kickstarter project wants to solve that problem by creating a soap bar that joins your old sliver of soap to a new one, allowing for an infinite cycle of cleaning without letting any product go to waste.

The Stack Soap works by cutting a sliver-shaped groove at the top of each new bar so that each time the old soap get to the size that fits into the groove, you can place it onto the new bar and let water meld the two together. The two pieces of soap form a new full-sized bar that you can once again use until it washes into a thin sliver that fits into another cut-out soap. This simple but ingenious idea can help save us from wasting product, as most soap slivers eventually become too small to use, or slip out of our hands and down the drains. It also saves us the trouble of forcing old slivers onto round, bars of traditional soap which makes the entire bar lopsided for the first few days of use.

Stack SoapThe Kickstarter has already received the funding its goal originally requested, starting with a limited amount of $1 donations (plus $3 for shipping) that offers six bars of soap to each benefactor. Already, that’s a money saving move since most soap packages today cost either the same or more. The project currently needs the donations to pay for the copper die that molds the soap into its signature shape, and once that one-time investment is complete, production should be ready to go.

The Stack Soap is also partnered with Twincraft Soap, a private-label manufacturer in Vermont that also produces beauty items for Aveda, Burt’s Bees, Crabtree & Evelyn, and Whole Foods. The first formula of the Stack Soap’s prototype uses an all-vegetable base infused with jojoba oil and is also lightly scented, so you can feel assured that the soap is a quality item that’s suited for dry, normal and sensitive skin. Lastly, because this Kickstarter is funded by the public, they will have the choice to decide what they want to see next in Stack Soap’s lineup: Different colors, fragrances, or features such as scrubbing beads or an all-natural formula.

This is a cool idea to a problem we didn’t really think was one until the Kickstarter video advertises it as such. You’ll just have to make sure all the hair is taken off your old soap slivers before accidentally infusing it onto your new stack.