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The world’s smartest desk is now more affordable but still pricey

About a year ago, a fledgling startup by the name of Stir made headlines when it unveiled its first product: a “smart” electronic standing desk. This desk, called the Kinetic F1, was about as high-tech as they come — complete with variable height controls, a touchscreen interface, and software that can track your activity to learn your habits. Everything about it was awesome… until you saw the price tag. At over $4,000 a pop, F1 was easily the one of the most expensive standing desks in the game.

But we’ve got some good news. Earlier today, Stir unveiled a new version of the desk, the Kinetic M1, which boasts many of the same features and functionality as the original but at a significantly lower price point.

As far as we can tell, the M1 boasts the exact same brain as its more expensive predecessor. It can learn your habits, track how long you stand, and even be programmed with goals to push you to stand up and be more active throughout the day.

It also features a slimmer, more ergonomic design. Unlike the sharp-edged F1, the M1 sports rounded edges for extra comfort, as well as a gently curved sidecut that lets you belly up to the desk a bit more. In a lot of ways, the M1 appears to be an improvement on the F1; yet at $2,990, it’s somehow a full $1,200 cheaper. Still pricey but a significant drop nonetheless.

We’re guessing the price cut can be attributed to Stir streamlining its production processes, but regardless of how they did it, we’re just glad to see the price come down.