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Survey Ranks U.S. Cities with Home Networks

Survey Ranks U.S. Cities with Home Networks

A new market research study from MultiMedia Intelligence ranks U.S. cities on the basis of how wide their residents have adopted in-home networking during 2007. Perhaps not surprisingly, San Francisco topped the survey results, with some 28 percent of households having adopted home networking technologies. San Francisco was closely followed by Miami at 27 percent, and Los Angeles at 24 percent.

If you’re wondering why other well-known tech hubs didn’t even make the list, the survey apparently examined only top "designated marketing areas," a list of fourteen U.S. cities that omits places like Seattle and Austin as well as central cities like Denver, St. Louis, and Minneapolis.

"Our research identified significant variations among major metropolitan areas." said MultiMedia Intelligence president Mark Kirstein, in a statement.

The survey claims to be based on a sample of over 25,000 U.S. respondents, and was conducted as pat of MultiMedia Intelligence’s strategic partnership with Experian. The survey found that the adoption of in-home networking was significantly tied to income levels, with households having an income over $250,000 per year having adoption rates exceeding 40 percent, while only 7 percent of households with incomes under $25,000 per year had in-home networks. The survey also found that shifts toward notebook computers and mobile computing have served as drivers for home networking, with consumers who use notebook computers to access the Internet more than twice as likely to have in-home networking than folks who don’t use notebooks to access the Internet.

MultiMedia Intelligence
Home Networking Adoption Rankings
Rank "Marketing Area" Adoption
1 San Francisco 28%
2 Miami 27%
3 Los Angeles 26%
4 Dallas 24%
5 Washington D.C. 25%
6 Philadelphia 23%
7 New York 22%
8 Atlanta 22%
9 Houston 22%
10 Boston 20%
11 Detroit 20%
12 San Antonio 17%
12 Chicago 16%
14 Cleveland 15%