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The Fat Lady Sings a Song

Song, the low cost arm of Delta Airlines which, among other features, offered flyers a high tech in flight entertainment system for their viewingpleasure, is set to be folded back into its parent company. Delta made this announcement on Friday.   Delta, whichaccording to Reuters is currently operatingin bankruptcy, is doing this in what seems to be a move by the company to correct mistakes of the past as it seeks to reorganize. Song was seen as a competitor to upstart discount airline JetBlue, which offers DirecTV satellite television programming for every ticketed passenger.   Song’s attempt to counter JetBlue in the tech area amounted tooffering 24 channels of live television, 10 on-demand video channels, interactive video games and over 1,600 MP3s. Though Delta will be folding Song by May 2006, it will incorporate Song’s personalentertainment options on all transcontinental Delta flights beginning in fall 2006.   “As Delta continues its transformation to become a more customer-focused airline, we are incorporating thebest of Song into the best of Delta,” said Gerald Grinstein, Delta’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our new Song service will set the standard in transcontinental travel, making Delta the first choice forcustomers on these routes.”