These all-weather notebooks can survive rainstorms

Rite In The Rain Notebook

We were all students once. How annoying was it when you scribbled up notes in class or finished your homework on a piece of paper and ended up spilling coffee on it, or get your notebooks destroyed by the rain? Even when your books dry up, there’s little you can do about all the ink bleeds that render your notes incomprehensible. Turns out, there may be an expensive solution.

Rite in the Rain‘s line of notebooks, looseleaf paper and all-weather pens can apparently all survive rainstorms, as they are made to deflect water soakage. The idea originally started to address issues outdoor loggers had in the Pacific Northwest due to constant rain, and the products have continued to evolve since their creation in the 1920s. Today, you can sort the shopping site based on “user type,” ranging from construction workers to military personnels to underwater researchers.

When you use the Rite in the Rain notebook as it is pouring outside, instead of absorbing water drops into the paper, the drops bead up on the page and stay out of your notes. As you write on the paper, nothing smudges despite the water droplets scattered across the page. The durable paper is made of a mixture of water-based protectants that coat the surface of the paper, and can be recycled after use. The inks in the all-weather pens are soy-based (but that still means you shouldn’t bite and eat the pens should the ink leak). The production process are also focused on being as green as possible, with the paper coating process emitting just steam to the environment. 

While these notebooks are not made for an average student’s budget, they are still neat. They are also made in America, namely Washington state, so we definitely trust the quality to withstand heavy rains. You can choose from various sizes and designs, from pocket notebooks to top or side spiral journals. These books will cost anywhere between $4 to $20 for a single book, but you can also purchase them in bulk or kits which include a carrying case and a pen. A single pack of loose leaf can run up to $13 for a standard size pack of 100 sheets. So yes, they can be expensive, but for the right person using it for the right job type, Rite in the Rain provides the perfect solution to making work less problematic.

Meanwhile, we’ll be saving up money for more waterproof gadgets seen over at Mobile World Congress earlier this month. The technology there might appeal to a wider range of audience, and especially to those clumsy enough to use their phones out in the rain or in the bathroom. Hey, no judgement.

Watch a demo of the Rite in the Rain notebook in action below. 

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