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Set Alexa free! Vaux portable speaker with dock mobilizes Amazon’s Echo Dot

Why it matters to you

If you'd like to move your Echo Dot around the house easily, the Vaux turns it into a portable music system.

A new portable combination speaker and dock for the second generation Amazon Echo Dot cuts the cord so you can move your Dot from room to room.

Ordinarily, you play music directly through the Dot’s internal speaker or connect an external speaker system via Bluetooth or audio cable. You also can’t move the Dot around without unplugging it and some people purchase multiple Dots to use in different areas of their home. If you have a single Dot and want to use it in different parts of the house, you have to move it from outlet to outlet. But Ninety7Life’s Vaux aims to fix all those problems by turning the Dot into a portable player and voice assistant.

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Just place your Dot in the Vaux’s top recess where concealed internal audio and power connectors plug into the Dot. Vaux’s built-in battery gives you the freedom to move the Dot anywhere inside and outside your home, as long as it’s within the range of your Wi-Fi network. The Vaux isn’t water-proof or water-resistant, so make sure it stays dry. You can also plug an external music source such as a smartphone or tablet into a 3.5 mm jack on the back of the Vaux.

The Vaux’s rechargeable battery provides up to six hours of untethered music. The portable speaker/dock combination uses the Dot’s original power cord as a charging cable. Recharging takes five to six hours when the device isn’t in use or eight to 12 hours if you play music at the same time. An LED light on the back shows the current power and charging status.

The Vaux is available for pre-order for $49. The exterior of the combo speaker and dock is wrapped in acoustic fabric in one of two colors, ash or carbon. According to Ninety7Life, it will ship to customers in early April.