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Vonage Goes Pro

VoIP provider Vonage has announced Vonage Pro, a new service that enables customers to use their home telephone number when making calls using any high-speed Internet connection when they’re away from home. So, Vongae Pro customers can place a VoIP call anywhere they have sufficient Internet connectivity, and call recipients will see the call come through just as if it had been placed from the Vonage customer’s home phone—handy for call screening and Caller ID.

“Vonage Pro is the VoIP offering that prosumers have been asking for to help them stay connected while on the go,” said Vonage’s chief marketing officer Jamie Haenggi, in a statement. “We’ve already received feedback from beta users that indicates Vonage Pro will be a success, both in the quality of the phone service and the unique features it offers.”

The Vonage Pro package includes a new version of the Vonage SoftPhone client Vonage Companion (powered by CounterPath). Incoming calls to Vonage Pro customers ring on both the home phone and their Companion, and customers can make outgoing calls on both devices simultaneously. Customers can use a PC microphone or headset to place and receive calls (a la Skype), and Vonage Companion supports conference calling, personalized ringtones, call recording, and call blocking.

Vonage Pro also includes unlimited residential digital voice services, 25 Vonage Visual Voicemail messages, and 45 411 calls for $34.99 a month for new customers; existing customers can add Vonage Pro for an additional $10 a month.