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Wagner skis use computers to provide the ultimate in custom fit and performance

Located just outside Telluride, Colorado, Wagner has quietly been gaining fans in the ski world by handcrafting custom skis for one enthusiast at a time. The company’s shop is a converted gas station that now runs entirely on wind and solar power, and Pete Wagner is committed to providing the most custom ski buying experience possible, unless you happen to be an Olympian. The company has become known for its Skier DNA application, which susses out each user’s needs based on skiing style and body type.

Recently, Wagner has collaborated with the tech experts at Advanced Racing Computers (in Park City, UT) to creat the vLink performance measurement system. When attached to a pair of Wagner skis, the vLink system works as a little computer, recording X, Y, and Z axes at 6,500 frames per second and storing up to 99 runs of expansive data and analysis. Downloaded information from the vLink system combined with the Skier DNA application allows wagner to create the most personalized ski-design experience possible. The variations in ski shape and flex aim to improve your balance, comfort, and control, also allowing for longer endurance and less stress on the body. Wagner offers a wide range of colors, veneers, and artist-designed top graphics to suit your aesthetic fancy. Prices vary.