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WTF QR CODES Tumblr represents tech in our increasingly dumb society


In the past few weeks, the Tumblr blog WTF QR CODES crept up on us, providing hilarious laughs at how our society has decided to utilize Quick Response (QR) codes. The first times you’ve ever noticed QR codes were probably when you opened the back of your cellphones and saw the tiny code hidden underneath your phone’s battery pack. Today, QR codes are everywhere. Seriously.

What makes WTF QR CODES awesome is how well the blog represents the way our society wants to incorporate technology into our daily lives, but does so in ridiculous, thoughtless ways. It’s a telling sign that even though we accept technology as a way of life, it should really be up to the professionals to decide how to appropriately apply technology on a good consumer basis.

Hm, I take that back. I live in New York City and see QR codes plastered all over underground billboards, which makes no sense because we still don’t receive Internet or phone signals in the subway. If QR codes are supposed to be a one-step process, why should anyone take a picture of an advertisement only to scan it later?

Regardless of Internet access, QR codes are increasingly appearing in the wild and often in places they shouldn’t. Cases in point:

QR Cupcake

Is there a reason this bakery wants QR codes on their cupcakes? It’s hard enough to watch foodies fawn over taking macro shots of their meals (“It’s for my blog, I promise!”), but now we have to watch people whip out their smartphones for cupcakes? When it comes to matters of food, it’s probably better to make your orders on a computer, in person or on the phone. Also, this is entirely inappropriate because their use of QR codes make the cupcakes much uglier than it should be.

QR Airplane

Here’s another instance that makes you wonder why anyone would ever think QR codes are useful given the setting. First of all, they should understand that when you scan something, it is a lot easier if the item being scanned stays static. This QR code is so far up in the sky and is moving at the same time, we can’t imagine how someone is supposed to look up into the sun and chase down the code only to likely find themselves at a web page not even worth the effort.

QR in the concrete

This one is my personal favorite. It’s so ironic in every sense. Picture yourself walking down the street and a person in front of you decides to randomly stop to scan this code because it caught his attention. The slamming of bodies in the middle of the street is certainly not what care feels like, EmblemHealth. But if you do get hurt from it, perhaps you will have a healthcare web page loaded on your smartphone and ready for use.

Where are the craziest places you’ve ever spotted a QR code?