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How to hang a sound bar using the Sanus SA405 sound bar mount

Part of the recent office expansion here at Digital Trends included construction of a rather large kitchen and dining space. To finish it off, we mounted two of Vizio’s 47-inch Razor LED TV’s on the wall with articulating mounts from Sanus. To deliver great audio, installing sound bars on each set was the obvious choice. And that was made easy thanks to Sanus SA405 sound bar mount.  It easily attaches to the TV mount and provides a place to simply hang the sound bar. We chose the Vizio 38 inch 2.0 Home Theater Sound Bar S3820w-C0.

The process is very simple and only requires a screwdriver.

1. Attach the upper hanger arms of the sound bar mount to the back of the TV. To do this, loosen the bottom set of mounting screws which hold the wall mount to the TV. Adjust the sound bar hanger arms so they extend to the bottom edge of the TV.

2. Determine which set of mounting hardware fits the back of your sound bar. For the Vizio sound bar, we used the screws included with the sound bar. Refer to your sound bar’s instructions for specific detail. Then attach the lower set of hanger arms for the sound bar mount. Tighten it so it’s secure but has a bit of play.

3. Fit the upper and lower arms of the sound bar mount together, and use the provided nuts to secure the mounts together. Leave them just a bit loose.

4. Raise the sound bar up to the bottom of the TV and center it. Tighten the screws and nuts.

5. Attach the power cable and audio cable from the TV. Make sure to route the wires so they are secure but allow for full movement of the TV mount.

 Here is where you can find more information on the Sanus SA405 sound bar mount, the Vizio’s 47 inch Razor LED TV, and the Vizio 38 inch 2.0 Home Theater Sound Bar S3820w-C0.