Cut a pan in half, and it’s easy to see how induction cooking works

If you've ever seen a concept kitchen, it's likely to include an induction cooktop. But the future is now, and this video shows how the seemingly magical process of induction cooking works.

What can’t she do? The best ways to use Amazon’s Alexa around the house

Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa, has lots of neat skills. So many, in fact, it seems like a new one appears every day. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Echo, Dot, or Tap.
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Weekend Workshop: Tear up your driveway with this Raspberry Pi-powered RC car

Drones are great, sure, but who wouldn't enjoy ripping a DIY RC car around their neighborhood? Here's how to easily construct one using a soldering iron and Raspberry Pi B in a matter of hours.

How to record calls on your iPhone 1:50

Check out this quick tutorial to learn how to record calls on an iPhone and find a list of reliable applications you can use to tape your conversations

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Make your own DIY Polaroid camera with a Rasberry Pi and a receipt printer

This clever instant camera is made from a Raspberry Pi computer and a thermal printer, stuffed inside a cardboard box. Adafruit provides instructions on how you can make one at home.

How to take a screenshot on a Galaxy S7, S6, Note, or any other Android device 1:00

Having trouble taking a screenshot on an Android phone? We show you how to use the S Pen to take a screenshot on the Galaxy Note, your palm on the Galaxy S3 all the way to the Galaxy S7, and a button combination that should work…

Bots are about to take over the world … but they just want to tell you the weather 2:05

Bots are becoming more advanced, prompting major companies like Facebook and Microsoft to tout them as a compliment, or even replacement, to apps. They could even change how you talk to your friends.

Shift it yourself: How to drive a manual transmission car

Though it's certainly intimidating, anyone can drive a manual transmission with a little practice and a lot of patience. Check out our simple how-to guide for a quick explanation of the benefits of driving a manual and instructions on how…

How to track down the rat who’s selling your Gmail address to spammers 1:10

Few people like to receive an onslaught of deals, newsletters, and the like. Check out our brief video if you're trying to figure out who's selling your address to a third-party company.

Master Windows 10 with these powerful Task Manager tricks 3:21

The Windows Task Manager is far more convenient than you might think. Check out these helpful tips if you're looking to make the most of the utility.

20 handy Galaxy S7 Edge tips and tricks 6:05

Samsung’s curvaceous beauty is more than just a pretty phone. It has hidden depths. But, since they’re not immediately apparent, we’ve put together a choice selection of Galaxy S7 Edge tips and tricks.