Never lose your data: Here's how to back up your Apple Watch

This is our guide on how to back up your Apple Watch. If you need to back up or restore your Apple Watch, then this guide will take you through the pairing process, show you how to back up, and list the information that will and won't get…

Take your notes to the next level in iOS 10 with collaboration

The Notes app in iOS 10 allows you to add people to a note, and work with them in real time. Check out this guide to learn how to set up notes collaboration in iOS 10 and how to remove people from a note or stop sharing it.

How to convert a WMV movie to MP4, online or offline

WMV files may offer terrific quality and take up less space than an MP4, but they can't compete with the latter option when it comes to compatibility and features. Here's how to convert WMV files to MP4 using Windows or Mac OS X.

A beginner’s guide to iOS: How to get started with your new iPhone or iPad

Like all mobile operating systems, Apple's iOS takes some getting used to. Here, we'll show you how to navigate the interface, create folders, use 3D Touch, activate Siri, and carry out a host of actions.

Reduce your monthly mobile data usage with this simple trick

Most social media apps can display images as well as videos. More often than not, however, these videos automatically play in your timeline. Here's how to disable the autoplay feature in both Android and iOS.

How to map network folders drives, on both Windows and Mac

Shared directories are more useful than you might think, especially for students and business owners. Thankfully, linking them with your local drive is easy, regardless of whether you're using Windows or MacOS.

Watch the Nintendo Switch presentation right here! Here's what we know!

Nintendo's highly-anticipated Switch event is almost here, signaling what could be a turning point for the iconic Japanese company. Here's how to stream the latest announcements online, and what to expect.

Avoid that surprise big bill! Here’s how to turn off in-app purchases on your iOS device

No one wants to see a surplus of surprise charges on their bill, especially when they're a result of in-app purchases. To make sure that doesn't happen to you, here's how to turn off in-app purchases in iOS.

How to find your own phone number

If you've ever wondered where your phone saves your own phone number, this is the guide to help you find it. Whether you have an Android or an iOS device, we will show you where you can go on your smartphone to find your phone number.

20 common problems with Windows Phone 8, and how to fix them

If you opted for Microsoft’s mobile platform then you might have run into one of these issues. Join us as we take a look at common Windows Phone 8 problems and offer up potential solutions.

How to use FaceTime

Streamlined face-to-face video calling is no longer stuck in the realm of science fiction courtesy of Apple's video conferencing software. Learn how to use FaceTime whether you're on iOS, an iPhone, an iPad, or an iPod.
Home Theater

Ultimate surround sound guide: Different formats explained

Wondering which is the best surround sound format for your home theater system? Start by learning the technical differences between different formats with our ultimate surround sound guide.