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How to download Netflix movies and TV shows to your phone or tablet

After years of customers asking to download movies and TV shows, Netflix has finally made it happen, now here's how you do it on your mobile device, no matter whether you are an iOS or Android user.

A really simple guide to really simple syndication (RSS)

With such a massive torrent of media being produced each day, it's tough to keep up with your favorite sites. So how do we solve this problem? The answer is simple -- really simple in fact. Here's what you need to know about RSS feeds.

Caffeine consumption: The difference between cold brew, espresso, and coffee

There are dozens of different methods for creating the world's most popular beverage. While drip coffee, espresso, and cold brew are all made with essentially the same ingredients, they're very different beverages. Here's how they compare.

Lock your Mac instantly, or automatically, with these tips

Want to protect your Mac when you walk away? Here's how to make sure the lock screen appears, either automatically, or through the use of shortcuts.
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Cord cutting 101: How to quit cable for online streaming video

If you're going to quit cable or satellite for a streaming TV solution, you're going to want to get it right the first time. We've outlined exactly how to get started, step-by-step. Follow our lead, and you'll never look back.
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How to download Facebook photos

Ready to kick the Facebook habit or merely looking to download a local backup of your most precious moments? Here's how to do so using the social network's built-in features and a web-based app known as Pick & Zip.

Run the Windows operating systems on your Mac with this simple install guide

Even Apple fans occasionally long for live tiles and the ability to play 'Minesweeper.' To help, we've put together this simple walkthrough on how to install Windows 7, 8, or 10 on a Macbook, an iMac, or another MacOS machine.

How to save iPhone voicemails

The ability to save voicemails can be incredibly useful, as they can be used in the future to prove a point or to save valuable information. Fortunately, the process for saving voice messages is relatively easy.

How to restore your Windows computer to its factory settings

Computers rarely work as well after they've accumulated files and misconfigured settings. Thankfully, with this guide, you'll be able to restore your Windows PC to its original state and, hopefully, boost its performance.

Tips to make your iPhone battery last longer (and a common myth busted)

Each iteration of the iPhone is better than the last, but not when it comes to battery life. Thankfully, these tips will allow you to squeeze more juice out of your Apple device between charges -- no outlet necessary.

Take a deep breath, a sip of wine, and ace Thanksgiving with these apps

If you aren't ready for Thanksgiving dinner, don't quit cold turkey. There are lots of apps that can help give you guidance, including selecting the right wine to serve. Here are a few to help you out.

13 ways to photograph memorable holiday moments with your phone

Did your Christmas photos come out worse than you would have liked? Don't blame your phone entirely. As the New Year approaches, check out these handy tips for making your next holiday photos memorable.