How to calibrate your monitor for the best viewing experience possible

Want to see images the way they're intended to be seen? Here’s our quick guide on how to calibrate your computer monitor using your operating system or another tool, so what you see is what you get.

Making an animated GIF is easier than you think with these apps

Making an animated GIF isn't as hard as you might expect, no matter the device you use. Check out some of our favorite desktop and mobile software, whether you want to record yourself, capture your screen, or pick a clip from a web.

Capture the colors of July 4 with these simple tips for photographing fireworks

Properly capturing fireworks can be more than a little challenging. Check out a few of our simple tips and tricks for doing so, whether talking shooting speed, image stabilization, or exposure time.
Virtual Reality

It’s possible! How to build a VR-ready gaming PC for $600

AMD's new Radeon RX 480 has brought VR-ready PC gaming down to a reasonable price point, so we set about building a Rift and Vive-ready system without breaking the bank -- and boy did we succeed. Check out our suggestions for the ultimate…
Cool Tech

Weekend Workshop: Turn a pile of cardboard into a backyard geodesic dome

Essentially a 21st Century tree house, geodesic domes don't offer much outside of being a fun place to spend a quiet afternoon. Here's how to make your own geodesic dome using cardboard and a laser cutter (or X-Acto knife).

Drowning in PDFs? Here’s how to merge them into a single document

Sometimes juggling multiple files at once is more of a hassle than a convenience, especially when a single file would do. This quick guide will help you merge PDF files with Windows, MacOS, or a variety of online tools.

If you play ‘Overwatch’ you need to know these top 5 basic tips 4:06

Are you new to the hit first-person shooter game "Overwatch" or just simply looking to get better? Take your game to the next level with these five basic tips.

Speed kills if you're playing as Tracer in 'Overwatch'

Tracer is 'Overwatch's' slippery, speedy shooter, and she can be too fast to handle sometimes. Make your enemies tremble and take advantage of these five Tracer tips to win with the cavalry's girl every time.

15 major Galaxy S7 problems, and what to do about them

Have you been wrestling with Galaxy S7 problems? If your Samsung flagship isn’t living up to expectations, you might find the answer you seek right here. We have potential fixes for all sorts of S7 issues.
Virtual Reality

Here’s where you can try PlayStation VR for yourself

Sony's PlayStation VR headset doesn't come out until October, but you don't have to wait that long to try one out. Select Gamespot and Best Buy stores, as well as special events all over the country, will have demomstration units.

Store your Skype calls for later reference with these free and paid tools

Skype may be the premiere voice-over-IP service, but it doesn't include a built-in call recording feature. Check out our straightforward guide on how to record a Skype call, whether you're looking for a free or premium option.

How to use the camera in the HTC 10 to take awesome photos

The HTC 10 has a great camera, but you'll want to read our tips and tricks if you want to make the most of it. Here, we break down how to shoot in Pro and Auto modes, so you can capture the best shot in any scenario.