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Innovators and Essentials: Mark Arcenal, Fatlace/Illest

In part one of our three-part Innovators and Essentials series, presented by Scion, we visit the Fatlace Paddock in San Mateo, California to hang with hip hop and tuner culture icon Mark Arcenal. Mark is the founder/creative director of Fatlace and Illest brands where he oversees two retail stores and a design studio.

More than a brand or an image, Fatlace is all about what Mark lives for. Drift cars, break dancing and hip hop, single speed bikes, and skating. The Fatlace family is lucky enough to do what they enjoy and share the behind the scenes across  social media, including Instagram.

We got a look at  project cars including a Scion xB and FR-S, along with what might become an Electric split-window VW Bus.

Keeping it genuine with their own personal twist, the Fatlace team customizes cars that show a unique blend of performance and style, without going over the top. Watch for new rides rolling out of the Fatlace Paddock that sport a bit of retro design.

In part two of our three-part series, we caught up with inventor and Kickstarter expert Ryan Grepper, who created the Coolest Cooler — the most funded project in Kickstarter history.