Lenovo N20

We haven't had a chance to fully test this product yet, but we've assembled this helpful overview of relevant information on it.

The Lenovo N20 is a Chromebook featuring Intel Celeron processing, 16 GB of internal storage, and up to eight hours of battery life on a single charge. The ChromeOS is a lightweight, fast operating system, and the N20 mirrors that effort by keeping things simple. The light construction is durable without adding too much bulk, and with only 16 GB of internal storage, you’ll want to keep most of your stuff on the 100 GB of free Google Drive space that’s included.

Release Information

  • July 2014
  • $279.99

Key Features

  • 11.6″ display
  • 16 GB internal memory
  • 8 Hours of battery life
  • 100 GB of Google Drive space included

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