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Save 57% on Floureon 13,000mAh External Battery Pack

save  floureon mah external battery pack power bank

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  • Value $47.00
  • Discount 58%
  • You Save $27.01

External battery packs are a convenient invention if ever there was one. Devices like the Floureon External Battery Pack, currently on sale for a fraction of the price at discount retailer NeweggFlash, save users the nuisance of an uncharged and unusable mobile device. The compact device is compatible with any USB-powered Apple or Android device, providing a dual-USB connection and a lithium ion battery with a 13,000mAh capacity. An accompanying charge indicator light also ensures you’ll never leave your device charging for longer than need be, while the smart sleep mode saves energy when the battery pack isn’t in use and overcharge protection keeps your device charged without fear of damaging your device. Now through September 4, NeweggFlash is offering 57-percent off the list price of the Floureon External Battery Pack, with bundled free shipping. A long life cycle doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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