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Celebrate July 4 with fireworks, camping, grilling, and these apps

We generally don’t need an excuse to skip out on work, hang out with friends, crack open a cooler, and blow up some stuff, but we’ll take one when we get it. The Fourth of July is America’s birthday and someone has to throw the party. We have technology that our founding fathers could have never imagined, but they’d be ashamed if we didn’t put the products of American ingenuity to celebrate their hard work. So grab your smartphone or tablet and get ready to celebrate.

Find a camp spot and fireworks

The first step in the planning of any successful Fourth of July party is finding the perfect camp spot or the nearest fireworks display. Here are some apps that will help you find the best place for your patriotic celebration:

Camp Finder ($3+)

The Fourth falls on a Saturday this year, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to take a three day weekend. And three days off right in the middle of summer can only mean one thing: It’s time to go camping. Grab your tent and fill your backpack with all the essentials and then open up the Camp Finder app. With over 19,000 camping sites in its database, it’s the perfect tool for finding where to stake out for the weekend. Find results based on proximity to you, plus search by price, amenities, policies, and activities; so you make sure to land at one that allows you to enjoy the weekend the way you want.

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Foursquare (free)

It isn’t always easy to find out where the closest fireworks display will be held, and sometimes you want to see fireworks go off more than once. If you’re looking to find out where the Fourth of July celebrations are being held this year, all you have to do is search for fireworks in Foursquare, and you’ll see all the events in your area.

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EventBrite (free)

The Fourth of July is a holiday best spent with good company, after all, what’s a birthday without the party? You can see what events are going on around you or put together your own using Eventbrite. It’s a hyper-local app, focusing on what is happening in a small radius of your location. Check out the parties and gatherings planned for the Fourth, see where your friends will be spending the day, then send out invitations to your own shindig. Everything from neighborhood block parties to massive city parades will show up on Eventbrite’s listings.

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