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Find a party, a campsite or the perfect beer with these July 4 apps

We generally don’t need an excuse to skip out on work, hang out with friends, crack open a cooler, and blow up some stuff, but we’ll take one when we get it. The Fourth of July is America’s birthday and someone has to throw the party. We have technology that our founding fathers could have never imagined, but they’d be ashamed if we didn’t put the products of American ingenuity to celebrate their hard work. So grab your smartphone or tablet and get ready to celebrate.

StrikeFinderStrike Finder (iOS)

Every Fourth of July brings a bang with fireworks being shot off at every opportunity. This usually prompts people to inexplicably attempt to take pictures of fireworks in the sky. Stop watching the light show through your smartphone screen and trying to time when to snap the photo. Instead, fire up Strike Finder and let it do the work. All you have to do is point the camera at the sky and the app will snap photos for you, using your iPhone’s speedy processor to make the split decision to capture an image.

CampFinderCamp Finder (iOS and Android)

The Fourth falls on a Friday this year, which means it’s the perfect opportunity to take a three day weekend. And three days off right in the middle of summer can only mean one thing: It’s time to go camping. Grab your tent and pack your backpack with all the essentials and then open up the Camp Finder app. With over 18,000 camping sites in its database, it’s the perfect tool for finding where to stake out the weekend. Find results based on proximity to you, price, amenities, policies, and activities so you make sure to land at one that allows you to enjoy the weekend the way you want.

EventBriteEventBrite (iOS and Android)

The Fourth of July is a holiday best spent with good company. What’s a birthday without the party? You can see what events are going on around you or put together your own with Eventbrite. It’s a hyper-local app, focusing on what is happening around you. Check out the parties and gatherings planned for the Fourth, see where your friends will be spending the day, and send out invitations to your own shindig. Everything from neighborhood block parties to massive city parades will show up on Eventbrite’s listings.

HistoryHereHistory Here (iOS and Android)

There’s no holiday more steeped in history for Americans than the Fourth of July. While our nation is still young compared to much of the world, we have plenty of history all around us. Tap into the roots of the country and check out the historical action all around you with History Here. A must have for any of you living in the area of the original 13 colonies and great or craving a bit of background on what surrounds you, History Here is an interactive guide to landmarks across the U.S. that will fill you with facts and pride.

AmericanRevolutionAmerican Revolution (iOS)

Looking to do some reading over the long weekend? Why not take a little refresher course on the events that we celebrate on the Fourth of July. The American Revolution app from the American Revolution Center is an interactive timeline that will walk your through what took place all the way back in the 1700s. Check out digital recreations of important artifacts and documents from the days of the Revolutionary War, and find out amazing facts about the people involved in the earliest days of the United States. It’s the best way to remember exactly what the holiday is all about.

OmahaSteaksOmaha Steaks Steak Time (iOS and Android)

Nothing ever tastes as good as a slab of meat cooked over a fire in the outdoors. If you’re looking to make your tastebuds water this Fourth of July, check out some of the recipes in Omaha Steaks Steak Time. There are over 150 recipes in the app that will guide you through making the perfect Fourth of July meal. Search by ingredient or cook and prep time so you can make the meal that fits what you have for food and time. The app also has a built in timer so your food never ends up overdone. And if you have an iGrill, the app syncs via Bluetooth to give you live alerts on your grilling activity.

PintleyPintley (iOS and Android)

What beer goes best with a Fourth of July celebration? Ask Pintley, your personal beer recommendation engine. Think of Pintley as the Netflix for your tastebuds, providing you with personalized selections based off ratings you provide. You can track what beers you’ve had and check in at locations as you’re enjoying a new brew. The app provides extensive information on each alcoholic beverage you may enjoy and makes it easy to locate the beer you’re after by pointing you to local retailers that carry it. It’ll assure you show up to the Fourth of July party with the perfect six pack in hand.