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A Two iPhone Limit

A Two iPhone LimitAre you one of those generous people thinking of giving all your family iPhones for Christmas? You’d better think again. Apple has put a two-phone limit on sales and you have to pay by debit or credit card.   According to Apple, this is to discourage reselling of an item that likely toprove very popular in Christmas stockings. But at the same time, it’s inconsistent. According to an Information Week report, the restrictionsdon’t apply to phones sold through the stores of AT&T (the authorized reseller of the iPhone). Nor curiously, does it apply to online Apple sales. Sinceits introduction in late June, Apple has reportedly sold 1.4 million of the handsets, and the demand has surpassed expectations.   "Limiting iPhone sales to two per customer helps to ensurethat there are enough iPhones for people shopping for themselves or buying a gift," an Apple spokeswoman told Information Week.   The fact that Apple would no longer accept cash for iPhonepurchases, which was announced last week, has raised some blogger hackles. There is also the question of legality, since cash is legal tender. But perhaps that’s a battle for another day.