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Choose your OS: Alcatel’s Pixi 3 phones come with Android, Windows Phone, or Firefox

Alcatel OneTouch has announced the Pixi 3 series of smartphones, and they’re rather exciting. This time, it’s not because the phones have whopping screens or screaming processors, but because of their software. Or, to be more precise, their choice of software. Alcatel OneTouch calls the Pixi 3 series OS-agnostic, and offers them with either Android, Windows Phone, or Firefox OS installed.

There are four Pixi 3 phones, with either a 3.5-inch, a 4-inch, a 4.5-inch, or a 5-inch display, and all but the smallest model have 4G LTE connectivity. Alcatel OneTouch is known for its competitive pricing, and it says these innovative devices put a high speed data connection within everyone’s reach.

It’s not clear exactly how the choice of software will work, but it’s unlikely the phones will come with all three operating systems installed, but rather you’ll choose which one you want at the time of purchase. Still, the software is given a level playing field on which to compete, and we get to make a buying decision based on it alone, rather than compromising in some way just to get our favorite OS.


The specifications regarding the Pixi 3 series are currently unknown, but will be revealed over the coming days.

Alcatel has also announced its first smartwatch, called simply, Watch. Details on the wearable are slim, but we do know it’ll connect to Android smartphones, and receive notifications, control music playback, and act as a remote shutter release for the camera. The images show a circular face and a metal strap, but it doesn’t appear to run Android Wear. Alcatel says it’ll be affordable, but hasn’t provided a final price or release date.

All Alcatel’s new hardware will be on display at CES 2015, and we’ll update here when we’ve had some hands-on time with the Pixi 3 and the Watch.