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Amp’d Shaves With A RAZR

Upstart MVNO Amp’d Mobile is opening up pre-orders for its Motorola RAZR, Amp’d Edition tomorrow at Best Buy and Circuit City stores. Amp’d promises this isn’t just another RAZR: their branded version features a pearl grey finish, fast broadband downloading, and Amp’d Live’s proprietary interface which lets users access exclusive Amp’d content (original programs, viral videos, 3D games, and more) with superior audio and video quality.

"With the MOTORAZR, Amp’d Edition from Motorola, a new era of enhanced mobile entertainment is at consumers’ fingertips. The phone is entertainment and broadband technology integration at its best; with reliable communications service and style all in one," said Peter Adderton, Amp’d Mobile’s CEO and founder. "We look forward to delivering continued industry innovation and successes with Motorola."

For a limited time, the RAZR Amp’d Edition will include a premium audio entertainment pack including an in-ear earbud headset (with adapters) and a 256 MB memory card. The phone supports up to 1 GB storage on microSD cards and has 1.3 megapixel camera, supports MPEG-4 video, and offers both Bluetooth and USB connectivity.

Amp’d Mobile’s Feature Plan package will be priced at $99 with service contact, or $199 (after mail-in rebate) with Amp’d Pay-As-You-Go or new Hybrid pricing schemes.