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Android Phone Next Month?

Android Phone Next Month?

Long discussed, Google’s Android smartphone – made by HTC – could be on sale to consumers via T-Mobile as of September 17. At least, that’s according to the TmoNews blog.

That said, other sources have said the phone could be postponed until 2009, according to CNET. But TmoNews claims to have a reliable flow of information. They say the phone will retail for $399, or $150 with a two-year T-Mobile contract, and that initially the phone will only be offered to existing T-Mobile customers, with the general public only getting a look-in in October.

Currently known as the HTC Dream, the phone is a 3G handset with a slide-put Qwerty keyboard, touch screen, and three-megapixel camera. Look under the hood, and you’ll find Google’s fingerprints in the software and mail services – indeed, TmoNews reports that a Gmail account will be mandatory.

The blog also said that it will probably require a T-Mobile 3G data plan, although no details have been released, and T-Mobile won’t even confirm the release date. But as the company really only has 3G rolled out in two cities – New York and Las Vegas – to date, that could prove problematic. They’ve promised up to 25 cities by the end of 2008.

But T-Mobile does offer HotSpot@Home, where customers can switch between cell service and Wi-Fi, which also allows VoIP for an extra $10 a month.