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Now Apple’s having a go at the selfie stick, bans it from this year’s WWDC bash

Following in the footsteps of an increasing number of museums, sports stadiums, and other public places around the world, Apple on Tuesday warned anyone coming to its Worldwide Developer Conference in June to leave their selfie sticks at home.

It’s the first time the company has banned the telescopic monopod from its annual bash, but then, it wasn’t so popular this time last year.

So why has Apple, a company that you’d think would embrace all things tech, chosen to ban the accessory from its event? The reason isn’t entirely clear, as its website simply states that they’re not allowed, with no explanation offered.

Perhaps it thinks the device might cause too much of a distraction at its presentation events if hundreds of people are using them to try to get a decent photo of what’s happening on stage. Or maybe it’s worried a distracted attendee might inadvertently incapacitate a developer with one, and let’s face it, no tech company on Earth wants to lose such important individuals.

Whatever the case, if someone wants a selfie at WWDC with Tim Cook or Jony Ive, or any other member of the Apple crew for that matter, they’ll need to do it the old-fashioned way, either by grabbing a picture with an outstretched arm or, shockingly, asking someone to take the shot for them.

Existing bans at Apple’s five-day developer shindig already cover audio and video recordings as well as shots taken with professional photographic equipment. It has a more relaxed attitude toward smartphone photography, though if security at the event spot one on the end of a selfie stick “or similar monopod,” the person holding it may be removed from the event.

Worldwide bans

Tourist sites around the world have been busy banning the ubiquitous smartphone accessory in recent months.  While most are concerned about safety, places such as museums are equally concerned about visitors causing accidental damage to a priceless artifact.