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180 Awesome Android Apps for 2015

Work and Organizing

So you’ve put off working all day thanks to our Entertainment app suggestions, but you’re deadline’s coming up and that computer is … way in the other room. If you’re too lazy to go get it (or maybe you legitimately left it in the office – there’s a chance), these apps will help turn your phone into a far more productive experience. Life’s not all work and … well, actually it is. Use these apps to get your crap done.

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(Google Play / Amazon)

MailDroid-Android-apps-screenshotYou’ll find a long list of settings in here including a customizable interface, powerful filter search, threaded conversations, password protection, cloud storage integration, and more.

Aqua Mail

(Google Play)

Aqua-Mail-Android-apps-screenshotEasy to set up, with support for all the standard protocols, and a host of optional tweaks, this is a powerful email solution. The smart inbox does some prioritizing for you to save you time.

K-9 Mail

(Google Play / Amazon)

K-9-Mail-Android-apps-screenshotIt automatically detects settings for multiple email accounts, it’s packed with options, and it features a handy split-screen mode, and support for gestures. Man’s best friend indeed.

Google Inbox

(Google Play)


If you’re a Gmail user and Google loyalist, Google’s Inbox app is a must download. It rethinks the inbox entirely, encouraging you to eliminate clutter, make it easier to stay organized, and get more done.



(Google Play)

Firefox-Android-apps-screenshotWhatever way you cut it, Mozilla’s Firefox is a great browser with fast performance, easy bookmarking, syncing, and support for multiple tabs, not to mention extensive security settings.

Dolphin Browser

(Google Play / Amazon)

Dolphin-Browser-Android-apps-screenshotDolphin is a speedy browser with unique features like Sonar, which lets you to search, share, bookmark, and navigate with voice, and the ability to create gestures to access specific websites.

Puffin Web Browser ($3)

(Google Play)

Puffin-Web-Browser-Android-apps-screenshotIf Flash support is important to you then check out Puffin; it has a theater mode for Flash videos and games. It also loads and rendering pages very quickly for smooth browsing.

Word Processing and Spreadsheets


(Google Play)

Quickoffice-Android-apps-screenshotThis is a Google app. You can create and edit Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, or presentations with and it’s backed up with up to 15GB of free storage via Google Drive. Try it first.

TextMaker ($5)

(Google Play)

TextMaker-Android-apps-screenshotThis clean and accessible word-processing app enables you to open, edit, and save your Word documents. It even preserves all the formatting, including commenting and tracked changes.

Kingsoft Office 5.8

(Google Play / Amazon)

Kingsoft-Office-Android-apps-screenshotHere’s a completely free office suite that covers Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. There’s cloud integration, support for gestures, and it’s easy to learn and use if you need a new writing option.

Cloud Storage

Google Drive

(Google Play)

Google-Drive-Android-apps-screenshotThe natural choice for anyone invested in Google’s apps and services, the streamlined Google Drive app lets you store up to 15GB of files and access them wherever and whenever you need to.


(Google Play / Amazon)

Box-Android-apps-screenshotYou can view, edit, share, and manage your files securely with Box, which offers you 10GB of free space and supports all the major platforms. The file commenting system is fantastic.


(Google Play / Amazon)

Dropbox-Android-apps-screenshotThis app performs exactly the same function as its desktop counterpart. You can upload or download files to a cloud drive and access them with a login and password. The first 2GB are free.

Money Management


(Google Play / Amazon)

Mint.com-Android-apps-screenshotMint is our favorite money management website, but it also has a kickass app. Mint can keep track of multiple bank accounts or credit cards to help you stay on budget and out of the red.


(Google Play / Amazon)

Expensify-Android-apps-screenshotIt’s easy to stay on top of your business expenses if you scan receipts, track your mileage, link debit and credit cards to track what you’re spending, and create expense reports. Expensify does it all.

Home Budget ($5)

(Google Play)

Home-Budget-Android-apps-screenshotControl your family finances, create complex budgets, and generate reports and charts to analyze your spending. The cross-platform sync allows your whole family to coordinate in real-time.

Task Management

Sidebar Pro ($2)

(Google Play)

Sidebar-Pro-Android-apps-screenshotIf you like to multitask, you may feel like Android is lacking in this area. This app adds a sidebar to your phone that lets you tap in and out of your favorite apps and set widget toggles.


(Google Play / Amazon)

Any.Do-Android-apps-screenshotThis stylish productivity app allows you to create task lists and save notes. It deeply integrates into your phone, supports cloud syncing, and it’s easy to share lists across devices.

Out of Milk

(Google Play / Amazon)

Out-of-Milk-Android-apps-screenshotMilk isn’t the only item you know you’ll need all the time. This app lets you store your shopping lists and to-dos online for easy access. Stay organized and make dry cereal a thing of the past.


(Google Play / Amazon)


Waste a lot of time on your Android device? (You do. Don’t worry, us too.) RescueTime is your way to reclaim those moments. It tracks your usage in every app and shows you where you can cut down.



(Google Play / Amazon)

aCalendar-Android-apps-screenshotaCalendar gives you a great overview of your day, week, or month. It also supports reminders, repeat events, and has a fully customizable widget so you can view events from the home screen.

Jorte Calendar

(Google Play / Amazon)

Jorte-Calendar-Android-apps-screenshotOne of the earliest calendar apps on Android, Jorte built its reputation around customizable. It really is packed with features so you can achieve the style you want without sacrificing substance.

CalenGoo ($6)

(Google Play / Amazon)

CalenGoo-Android-apps-screenshotThis app lets you drag and drop events to reorganize them. It also has a widget, Google calendar sync support, advanced search function, SMS reminders, email reminders, and lots more.

Sunrise Calendar

(Google Play)


Clean and fresh, with an elegant aesthetic, this app stands out in the calendar category. It can sync multiple accounts, it supports customized views, and it’s very accessible.

Any.do Calendar

(Google Play)


Smartphones should be helping you get things done, but sometimes they’re a distraction. Any.do is a calendar app dedicated to helping you stay on track, along with your co-workers, friends, and loved ones with collaborative calendars.

Note Taking


(Google Play / Amazon)

Evernote-Android-apps-screenshotHere’s an elegant solution for all your note-taking needs, from simple to-do lists, to voice reminders, to notes with supporting photos. Tag, sync, and organize for a real productivity boost.

Google Keep

(Google Play)

Google-Keep-Android-apps-screenshotThis app allows you to type notes or lists, add photos and annotate them, or record audio files that are automatically transcribed. Anyone invested in the Google ecosystem will love this.


(Google Play)

Papyrus-Android-apps-screenshotIf you miss writing notes in your own hand, try out Papyrus. Use a stylus or finger to record your reminders in your own handwriting and export them as PDF, PNG, or JPEG files to share.

Copy Bubble

(Google Play)


Here’s a handy wee app for managing your copying and pasting. It’s a floating bubble that keeps your clipboard text in a list, so you can quickly dip in and grab what you need.

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