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180 Awesome Android Apps for 2015

Travel and Maps

We should call this the Google Maps section because if you own an Android phone that is (or should be) what you use to get around. We’re not sure how people navigated before Google turn-by-turn. We vaguely remember paper maps and printing directions, but it could be a dream. To avoid listing only Google Maps, we’ve included some language translating apps (one of which is also by Google), and other tools you need to get outside or travel.

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Maps and Turn-by-Turn

Google Maps

(Google Play)

Google-Maps-Android-apps-screenshotYou’re never lost with Google Maps. Get voice-guided navigation for trips, different instructions for driving, walking, cycling, or taking public transport, and search for anything you need.


(Google Play)

Navfree-Android-apps-screenshotBased on an open source project, this mapping app is completely free and offers spoken and on-screen instructions. It also works offline, so no need for a data connection to navigate.


(Google Play / Amazon)

Waze-Android-apps-screenshotWaze is owned by Google, but still active. It’s social mapping. Millions of people share real-time traffic reports, gas prices, and update maps using this clever community-driven navigation app.

Traveling Abroad

Hotel Tonight

(Google Play / Amazon)

Hotel-Tonight-Android-apps-screenshotIf you like to wing it when you travel and see where the wind takes you, this app will lead you to stunning hotel rooms in popular cities, offered at discounted prices for same-day booking.

Smart Traveler

(Google Play)

Smart-Traveler-Android-apps-screenshotGet advice from the State Department about your destination. You can create an itinerary, find the nearest embassy, and receive alerts on hazards from weather disasters to political dangers.


(Google Play)

Minube-Android-apps-screenshotUncover the hidden gems and wonderful spots wherever you are with these photographic guides from fellow travelers. Find the most breathtaking views, the best food, and the nicest hotels.

Language Translating

Google Translate

(Google Play)

Google-Translate-Android-apps-screenshotTranslate speech or text between more than 70 languages with this app. It can act as your interpreter, enabling you to decipher signs and menus, and enable two way conversations.

Jibbigo Translator

(Google Play)

Jibbigo-Translator-Android-apps-screenshotTalk or type and this app will give you a quick and accurate translation. It’s free and unlimited when you’re online, but offline language packs cost $5 a piece, which is a little steep but worth it.

VerbalizeIt ($10+)

(Google Play / Amazon)

VerbalizeIt-Android-apps-screenshotIf you can’t afford to make a mistake, then you need a real human translator, and this app can connect you with one. It is very expensive at $10 for 5 minutes, but you will be understood.

Public Transit and Taxi

Transit App

(Google Play)

Transit-App-Android-apps-screenshotCovering more than 40 cities in the United States, this is your guide to bus, subway, and train services. Plan your itinerary and get detailed directions, and you’ll be hopping around like a local.


(Google Play)

Hailo-Android-apps-screenshotNeed a taxi in a hurry? You can book one, watch it arrive in real-time, pay for it, and rate it, all through this app. It only covers a handful of major cities, but you are guaranteed a smooth ride.

Taxi Magic

(Google Play)

Taxi-Magic-Android-apps-screenshotNo need to whistle for a cab or fight the crowds anymore. With this app you can order a taxi, pay for it, and then rate the quality of your ride. It covers more than 60 cities across the United States.


(Google Play)


If you need to get somewhere and don’t have wheels of your own, hop in someone else’s ride. Uber allows you to call upon a private driver in your city who will help you get to where you need to go.

Outdoors Apps

Sky Map

(Google Play)

Sky-Map-Android-apps-screenshotGoogle’s free astronomy app lets you to point your phone at the heavens and identify all the planets and stars in the night sky. It’s like your very own pocket planetarium, and it’s very fun.

MyTopo Maps

(Google Play / Amazon)

MyTopo-Maps-Android-apps-screenshotVenturing off-road for a hiking adventure, or a camping trip? You’ll be pleased to have a complete topographical map of the U.S. and Canada, with the ability to create and share routes.

Camp Finder ($3)

(Google Play / Amazon)

Camp-Finder-Android-apps-screenshotYou can locate all the best campgrounds and RV parks with this app and get reviews from people who’ve stayed there, check out photos, and learn about what facilities and restrictions they have.



(Google Play / Amazon)


All the accurate weather information you need delivered in a stylish, fully customizable package that includes a nice range of widgets.

Yahoo Weather

(Google Play)


Yahoo’s Weather app is a gorgeously designed app that will give you a clear picture of what you can expect outside. It gives you all the features you’d expect when checking the weather, plus some great photos of your location from Flickr.

AccuWeather Platinum

(Google Play)


AccuWeather is the app that you’ll open when you need some precise weather information. It offer minute-by-minute readouts, localized to your exact street address, for your local forecast and precipitation.

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