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180 Awesome Android Apps for 2015

Parenting, Educational, and Kids apps

If you’re blessed (and cursed) to have children prancing around, you’re going to need some apps to keep them entertained and enlightened. Here are a few suggestions.

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Endless Alphabet

(Google Play / Amazon)

Endless_Alphabet_Android_apps_screenshotThis a great help for kids trying to learn their ABCs and build their vocabulary at their own pace. You get seven animated, interactive spelling puzzles for free and an IAP unlocks the rest.

Gummies Playground

(Google Play / Amazon)

Gummies_Playground_Android_apps_screenshotA set of educational games for preschoolers that help them grasp basic numbers, letters, shapes, colors, animals, and more. It’s accessible, even for young kids, with plenty of feedback.


(Google Play / Amazon)

Duolingo_Android_apps_screenshotAnyone looking to learn a language should start here because it’s fun and accessible for all ages. It has free courses for Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English.

Story Books


(Google Play / Amazon)

iStoryBooks_Android_apps_screenshotYou get access to an ever-growing library of children’s books for all ages with this app. You’ll find everything from fairytales to tips on gardening, all with text and audio, and all free.

The Cat in the Hat ($4)

(Google Play / Amazon)

The_Cat_in_the_Hat_Android_apps_screenshotA whole world of Dr. Seuss books is available on Android with top quality narration and interactive options for kids. Text is highlighted karaoke-style and tapping on the artwork reveals a word.

Read Me Stories

(Google Play / Amazon)

Read_Me_Stories_Android_apps_screenshotPick your child’s reading level and this app will build a suitable library to encourage their love of books and help reading skills improve. There’s a free book every day, with interactive narration.

Parenting tips

Baby Connect ($5)

(Google Play / Amazon)

Baby_Connect_Android_apps_screenshotIn the early weeks you really want to track everything that happens to your baby because it makes coordinating with other caregivers or medical professionals so much easier, this app covers it all.


(Google Play)

RedRover_Android_apps_screenshotLooking for ideas on where to take the kids? As long as you’re in one of the cities covered (New York, San Francisco, Boston, etc) then you’ll find everything for a memorable day out.

Best of Parenting

(Google Play)

Best_of_Parenting_Android_apps_screenshotKids can be difficult and it’s not always easy to know how to handle strops, sulks, or tantrums. This is advice to help you become a better parent and cope with a wide variety of challenges.

Entertain your kids

Art of Glow

(Google Play)

Art_of_Glow_Android_apps_screenshotLet your kids create colorful glowing works of art with all these light-up paints in various vibrant colors. There are also fireworks, many shapes to work with, and some animated effects.

Little Fox Music Box ($3)

(Google Play / Amazon)

Little_Fox_Music_Box_Android_apps_screenshotYour child can listen and sing along to songs in this clever app. It features three classics with dancing animals, and a music studio where you can create their own tunes.

Children TV

(Google Play)

Children_TV_Android_apps_screenshotNeed to find some safe cartoons for your kids to watch in a hurry? With this app you can quickly conjure a list of great kid’s shows on YouTube and then filter them by age or by language.

Protect your phone from kids

Kid Mode: Free Games + Lock

(Google Play)

Kid_Mode_Android_apps_screenshotSimple educational games, an art package, story books, and more are contained within a kid-friendly partition where you can specify everything that’s accessible and review their activity.

Famigo: Child Safety Lock

(Google Play / Amazon)

Famigo_Android_apps_screenshotAn easy-to-use set of parental controls that lets you to restrict app, video, Internet, and game access whatever you deem suitable. It’s free to try but requires a subscription after seven days.

Kido’z Play Mode

(Google Play)

KIDOZ_Android_apps_screenshotGames, videos, and websites are filtered to keep your precious little ones from accessing things they shouldn’t. Kid’s camera and gallery is a nice touch. You can set time limits if you subscribe.

Kid Trackers

GPS Tracking Pro

(Google Play)

GPS_Tracking_Pro_Android_apps_screenshotInstall this app on all your family phones and you can use it to track your children on a map in real-time. You no longer have to worry about where they are because you can just check for yourself.

MamaBear Family Safety

(Google Play)

MamaBear_Android_apps_screenshotThis doesn’t just track your child’s location, it also allows you to set alerts when they reach destinations, it lets them send messages or quick notifications, and you can use it to monitor their social media.

Life360 – Family Locator

(Google Play)

Life360_Android_apps_screenshotCheck the location of your children on a map, set up alerts when they reach specific places, and exchange private messages with this cross-platform solution that even works on old phones.

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