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153 Awesome Android Apps for 2014 (Parenting and Kids apps added!)

Welcome to our brand new listing of our favorite Android apps. If you’ve ever been here before, you’ll notice that a lot has changed. The old article was disorganized, outdated, and full of problems. We’ve remodeled the whole place, from ceiling to floor, and given it a new modern formatting, too! The goal here is simple: No matter what kind of app you’re looking for, we’re hoping we have something listed that could help you out. All of the links lead directly back to the Google Play Store, so you can download them immediately and the blocks of categories below can guide you to exactly what type of app you want to find. We’re an app  library built to serve you, Androiders. Click on one of the categories and you’ll zip right to one of these great apps. We’ll update this article every month with some new categories and picks.

We hope you enjoy! If you want to suggest an app (not one you are paid to promote, please), treat us to a nice cream cone … pliment (yeah, I dunno), or troll us mercilessly, use the comments below. Please don’t troll. That was a joke. Seriously. Don’t. I mean it.

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Updated by Jeff on 5-08-2014: We’ve added a Parenting and Kids apps section to the list, so if you’re clamoring for some way to keep your child busy, we now have your back.

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If you’re like us, one of life’s greatest activities is sitting on your ass reading, watching, listening, or playing something. These apps will help you do just that.

Movies and TV


(Google Play)

zeebox-Android-apps-screenshotBilled as “TV’s sidekick,” this app helps you to keep up with the shows you love. Find all the buzz about each show, and have real-time discussions with other fans while you watch. It’s great!


(Google Play / Amazon)

flixter-android-screenshotsA must for those who love go see movies, Flixster offers a clean interface and accurate movie listings at nearby theaters, based on your current location, along with reviews from Rotten Tomatoes.


(Google Play / Amazon)

Netflix-Android-apps-screenshotNetflix is the best streaming service. There’s a huge selection of movies and TV shows for subscribers and the performance is silky smooth. This is as entertained as you can get for $8 a month.



(Google Play / Amazon)

Kindle-Android-apps-screenshotIf you don’t have a Kindle, Amazon will still sell you books and with more than 900,000 titles in its store, there’s plenty to browse through. From best sellers to the classics, it’s all here.


(Google Play / Amazon)

Aldiko-Android-apps-screenshotYou haven’t heard of this but try it. Super accessible and customizable, it’s a great ebook store. A simple design takes you straight to your bookshelf and there’s a wealth of free content on offer.


(Google Play / Amazon)

Goodreads-Android-apps-screenshotThis is all about book recommendations. If you’re looking for an honest opinion on a book you may read, or you want to share your thoughts on a title, then this app is the place to do it.



(Google Play / Amazon)

Comics-Android-apps-screenshotComixology’s free app is a window onto a staggering library of more than 40,000 titles, including all the big names from Marvel and DC. It’s the biggest comic book reader out there right now.

Komik Reader

(Google Play)

Komik-Reader-Android-apps-screenshotSimple with a clean interface, Komik is a good way to store and access your comic collection on your smartphone, but you cannot buy comics with it – you’ll need another app for that.

ComicRack ($8)

(Google Play)

ComicRack-Android-apps-screenshotA comic management app that syncs your collection across your Windows PC and Android devices, with pinch-to-zoom, bookmarking, and customization options, what more do you need?



(Google Play / Amazon)

Flipboard-Android-apps-screenshotFlipboard is the biggest news aggregator. It offers magazine-style news collection with links from Facebook, Twitter, and top sites, filtered by your major interests (from football to technology).

LinkedIn Pulse

(Google Play / Amazon)

LinkedIn-Pulse-Android-apps-screenshotNewly acquired by LinkedIn, this great reader enables you to pull in online sources, and then creates clean, magazine-like pages that feature thumbnail photos, and headlines from each source.


(Google Play / Amazon)

News360-Android-apps-screenshotHere’s a smart news reader that learns about the kinds of stories you want to see, and grows more accurate as you use it, continually pulling in better news that matters to you more.

Radio and Podcasts

TuneIn Radio ($1)

(Google Play / Amazon)

TuneIn-Radio-Android-apps-screenshotWith more than 70,000 radio stations and over 2 million on-demand programs, whether you want to listen to the big game, tune in to a political debate, or dance to some music, you’re covered.


(Google Play / Amazon)

Pandora-Android-apps-screenshotOur favorite streaming radio app for every platform delivers customizable music complete with a rating system that lets you fine tune every station to your liking. And it’s curated by humans.

Pocket Casts ($4)

(Google Play)

pocketcasts-android-screenshotThis has everything we want in a podcast player. It has a huge library and the clean interface makes it easy to manage your subscriptions. It also lets you sync between devices and works with iOS.



(Google Play)

Spotify-Android-apps-screenshotSpotify is the best full-featured streaming service. With this app you can stream any music from any type of device, make your own playlists, follow artists, and sync tracks for offline listening.


(Google Play / Amazon)

SoundCloud-Android-apps-screenshotIf you’re looking for an all-you-can-eat buffet of sound with no ads and no subscription fees, you’ve found it. Discover new music and stream it from the cloud. But this is no Spotify replacement.

Poweramp ($4)

(Google Play)

Poweramp-Android-apps-screenshotVersatile and powerful, this app is great for audiophiles. It supports an incredibly long list of file formats from MP3 to FLAC to AIFF, and a whole lot more. Use it if you keep a local music collection.


Broken Sword ($4)

(Google Play / Amazon)

Broken-Sword-Android-apps-screenshotIt’s time for a charming, point-and-click, detective yarn that will transport you to Paris and beyond as you try to unravel a dark conspiracy that stretches back to the days of the Knights Templar.


(Google Play)

Ingress-Android-apps-screenshotThe parallel world created by Google’s Niantic Labs for this MMO sci-fi game the potential of augmented reality gaming. It has mysteries to solve, real-world exploration, and social collaboration.

Nimble Quest

(Google Play / Amazon)


It’s a brilliant blend of old mobile favorite Snake with a retro-RPG. Your little band of adventurers lines up like a Conga line as you zip around levels killing baddies and gathering loot.

Pro Sports


(Google Play / Amazon)

theScore-Android-apps-screenshotWhatever gets you excited, from Nascar to the NFL, this app will have you dancing in victory or crying in your beer. It brings you all the latest touchdowns, goals, and positions as they happen.

NFL Mobile

(Google Play)

NFL-Mobile-Android-apps-screenshotGet all the latest news, stats, and scores from the NFL, including video highlights. Use this app to manage your fantasy football team, and Verizon customers can watch live game streams.

ESPN SportsCenter

(Google Play / Amazon)

ESPN-SportsCenter-Android-apps-screenshotYou can get a quick look at the all the latest scores, league standings, and news for your favorite sports in this app. Customize it to follow the teams and players that matter to most to you.

College Sports

Basketball Scoreboard

(Google Play)

College-Basketball-Scoreboard-Android-apps-screenshotEverything you need to know about college basketball is wrapped up in this easy to use app. Find all the latest scores, fixtures, tables, and the big news stories from colleges across the country.

ESPN College Football

(Google Play)

ESPN-College-Football-Android-apps-screenshotAll kinds of news, stats, and scores, along with latest buzz from Twitter about the world of college football can be found here. There are even alerts with video clips of great plays during games.

College StatSheet

(Google Play)

College-Basketball-StatSheet-Android-apps-screenshotNow you can compare every player in college basketball leagues with detailed analysis and statistics. You’ll also find news, rosters, and match reports, but stats are the real heart of this app.

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